A/B Testing Resources

I am indebted to the following two articles for influencing the design of A/Bingo:

I would also like to thank Eric Ries from IMVU for his continued evangelization of split testing. In particular, his emphasis that people will only actually use split testing if it is accomplishable in one line of code became one of my guiding lights for the project. A/Bingo treats programmer productivity as a goal subordinate only to the customer experience.



In no particular order:

  • "St. Joe" Bettina, for teaching me statistics and, more importantly, for teaching me to love them.
  • The Business of Software and SEOBook forums, for teaching me most of what I know about marketing.
  • The Hacker News community, for giving me the motivation to write code and write about code that would otherwise never see the light of day.
  • The authors of the 72 (and counting) OSS packages used in the creation of Bingo Card Creator.
  • The 12000 customers of Bingo Card Creator.
  • My day job, for putting up with the quirky American's extracurricular hobby, even when he came in bleary eyed for a week because he was up until 4 AM coding.

Other Resources

From time to time I come across things in A/B testing which are too useful not to share:

  • Visual Website Optimizer: made by a friend of mine, this has a jawdroppingly effective WYSIWYG interface, and it is far and away the best A/B testing tool out there for non-technical usres.
  • PHP AB Testing: periodically I get asked when I'll make a PHP version of A/B testing software. I have no intention to, but these guys did, so use them instead!