Japanese legendary creatures bingo card

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Discover the fascinating world of Japanese mythology with our Legendary Creatures bingo card template. Featuring creatures like the kitsune and kappa, this card will transport you to a world of wonder and fantasy.
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Japanese legendary creatures bingo card

Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to japanese legendary creatures. Here is the complete list:

  • Bakeneko a shape shifting cat
  • Bakezri a sandal spirit
  • Baku beast who can devour nightmares
  • Basan firebreathing chicken monster
  • Binbgami the spirit of poverty
  • Amaterasu a sun goddess
  • Fjin the wind god
  • Futakuchionna the twomouthed woman
  • Isonade a fishlike sea monster
  • Raijin the god of thunder
  • Ry Japanese dragons
  • Samebito a sharkman
  • TamamonoMae a wicked ninetailed fox
  • Tanuki a shapeshifting raccoon dog
  • Tengu a wise birdlike demon.
  • Tennin a heavenly being
  • Tsuchigumo a giant spider
  • Tsuchinoko a legendary serpent
  • Tsukiyomi a moon god
  • Zennyo Ry a rainmaking dragon
  • Yamauba a Cronelike ykai
  • Yatonokami deadly snakegods
  • Yobuko Mountain dwelling spirit
  • Ysei the Japanese word for fairy
  • Yukionna the snow woman
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