Danish World Cup Players Bingo Cards

Denmark World Cup Roster 2010 Bingo Card

These cards are about Denmark World Cup Roster 2010. These are the names of the 23 World Cup players, coach and country represented. These include words like Christian D. Eriksen , Dennis Rommedah, Lars Jacobsen , Patrick Mtiliga , and Stephan Andersen .

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How To Play Danish World Cup Players Bingo

  1. Print out your free Denmark World Cup Roster 2010 bingo boards, or make custom ones with Bingo Card Creator. Click here to get started.
  2. Give one card to each player.
  3. Call off words randomly, for example by using a call list. You can either just say a word, like "Mikkel Beckmann ", or you can make up a more involved clue involving Mikkel Beckmann .
  4. When a word is called, each player should find it and mark it.
  5. The first player(s) to clear five words in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) wins a small prize.

Notes: How long a bingo game lasts depends on what pace you read the clues at and how many players you have. If you read faster, such as for older or more experienced students, or if you have more players, the game tends to end more quickly. In general, I suggest allocating between twenty and thirty minutes to a bingo game. Since they can potentially end as early as the fourth word called, though that is quite rare, I encourage you to keep playing in the event of the game being over earlier than you expected it to be. Almost 90% of bingo games with a 25 word list and 25 players will see their first bingo within 7 to 11 words being called.

Words List For Denmark World Cup Roster 2010 Bingo Cards

Christian D. Eriksen Christian Poulsen Daniel Agger Daniel Jensen Denmark
Dennis Rommedah Jakob Poulsen Jesper Christiansen Jesper Gronkjaer Jon Dahl Tomasson
Lars Jacobsen Martin Jorgensen Mikkel Beckmann Morten Olsen Nicklas Bendtner
Patrick Mtiliga Per Kroldrup Simon Busk Poulsen Simon Kjaer Soren Larsen
Stephan Andersen Thomas Enevoldsen Thomas Kahlenberg Thomas Sorensen, William Kvist Jorgensen

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