3 Super Simple Baby Shower Bingo Ideas

Baby showers and bingo go together like diapers and wipes. What makes baby shower bingo such a great choice of games is that it is familiar to everyone, can be customized to fit personal preferences of the organizers or mother-to-be, and most importantly, is fun! Here are 3 super simple ways to use custom bingo in your baby shower.

Baby Names Bingo

This is a fun game to play that can have many twists. First, determine if the baby’s name is already known, will be revealed at the baby shower, or not until the baby is born. Then create a custom bingo card with this in mind. For example, create Top Baby Names of 2018 Bingo just for fun and to keep people guessing if the name is not known. If the name is known, customize Top Baby Names Bingo to include the new baby’s name in the bingo card as either part of the game or as the Free Space. As an added twist, keep the name of the baby you are honoring out of the hopper until the end so it is the one name everyone needs to get a bingo. Then get your video cameras rolling. How memorable it will be when family and friends are all shouting bingo! upon hearing the new little bundle of joy’s name.

If the name of the baby will be revealed during the shower, create a set of bingo cards with all names that begin with first initial of the sweet darling’s name. Reveal the name when it is pulled out of the hopper using the same method from above. Or get double bang for your bingo card creation buck by first playing a regular game of baby names bingo. When finished, tell participants that it is one of the names on the bingo card and will be revealed at the conclusion of the shower. Guests circle or write on the back which name they think it is. Anyone who guesses correctly gets a special prize.

All About the New Family Q & A Bingo

This personalized bingo game is a fun way to help everyone get to know the new parents and family. To create, start with our free
Q&A Baby Shower Bingo Questions Template
. Then interview the new mom for the answers. Use a custom bingo generator such as BingoCardCreator.com to easily create a set of custom bingo cards using her answers to the questions. To play, pull a question out of the bag and read it out loud. The mom answers the question for everyone to hear while participants find and cover the answer on their card. As an added challenge for close-knit groups, participants test their knowledge of the new family marking the answers on their bingo card without the mom-to-be answering first.

Gifts for Baby Bingo

For this game, print bingo cards with items commonly received as gifts at baby showers. When each gift is opened, participants mark their cards. When they get a Bingo (row across, up and down, or diagonal), they get a prize. You can also have participants prepare their own bingo cards. To do this, distribute copies of blank bingo templates and pencils. Guests then fill in the blanks on their bingo card with items they think the mother might get at the shower such as a stroller, diapers, etc…

Another twist on this game is Baby Brands Bingo. Instead of participants writing in their own items, bingo cards are already prepared with popular baby items or brands. When a gift is opened, the participants must look for the item brand on their bingo card. Unsure about the unknown gifts and the items you include when creating your bingo cards? Simply include additional free spaces or add more than one of the same item or brand. This will allow for flexibility when duplicates are opened following the rule that participants can only cover one at a time.


Finally, add other personal touches like printing on different papers or visit our Amazon affiliate store to purchase bingo chips in a variety of colors. The possibilities are endless!