Print and Play Teacher’s Appreciation Custom Bingo

Here’s a quick and easy idea for Celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation week that is sure to get the entire staff having fun and shouting BINGO!

Play custom bingo with your teachers.  It’s easy!  Here’s how…

  1. Login to or register.  Start a new set of cards.  Type each teacher’s name or upload their picture. Customize your card’s title, add your school mascot for the Free Space, or add your school colors.
  2. Print one card per teacher (each one will be different) and place in their mailbox at the beginning of the day.  Instruct staff to keep their card handy.  Also let them know how you will run the game.
  3. Using the call list that is printed automatically with your bingo cards, email the name of 3-4 teachers (for a 5×5 bingo card, less for a 3×3 or 4×4 card) every half hour or so.  Teachers mark their cards and Reply All to the email when they go bingo.
  4. Place prizes in the mailboxes of winners!  Gift cards, scratch-off lottery tickets, candy, or even providing coverage the rest of the day are sure to please.

TIP: Work for a cyber school?  Simply download the same card and email it to your work-from-home teachers as an attachment.


Easily create your bingo cards now!