A Different Way to Join the March Madness Fun

Here’s a different way for the entire family or office to join in on the excitement of the March Madness without filling out brackets. Read on to discover two ways to print and play.

How to Play March Madness Bingo

  1. First, download and print the March Madness 2019 Men’s or Women’s bingo card template. Each template includes all 64 teams and no matter how many you print, each will be different, just like traditional bingo.  If you do not have a BingoCardCreator.com account, you will need to register for one first (it’s free). Then search March Madness from your dashboard.
  2. Pass a card out to each family member, friend, or colleague. You can print up to 8 bingo cards for free at BingoCardCreator.com.
  3. Now here’s the fun part- Check your bingo card every time a team wins.  If you have the winning team, mark your card.
  4. Complete a line of winning teams (across, up and down, or diagonal) and you got a bingo!

Second Chance March Madness Bingo

This is a great game to print and play going into the Sweet 16. Create a 4×4 bingo card using the teams that make it into the Sweet Sixteen. Enter just the team names or for some extra pizzazz, create your bingo cards using team logos.

Print enough bingo cards for everyone playing (you can print 8 free cards using BingoCardCreator.com). Now you can play bingo with the remaining Sweet 16 teams giving everyone a second chance to join in the March Madness fun.

Tip: Playing with friends and family in other places? No problem! Attach your downloaded set of cards to a group email.  Assign each person to a specific page number for their bingo card.