Bible Verses for Teens Custom Bingo

I was recently asked by a subscriber for some ideas on playing bingo with her teenage bible school students.  This made me think about when I was a teenager and at times would be falling out of my seat with bible-school boredom.  I had to admire this Sunday school teacher for wanting to really engage her students.  This challenged me to think about how custom Bingo could be used to help faith-filled teachers really connect with their teens.

After doing some research of my own, I came across an article published by Debbie McDaniel for, 25 Bible Versus Every Teen Should Memorize.  Using this list as a base and then adding some of my own verses, I was able to easily create a custom bingo game and titled it Bible Versus for Teens Bingo. But still thinking about those social teens and really wanting them to connect, I was pushed for ideas on not only the custom card creation, but interesting and engaging ways to play.

This led me to two new custom bingo creations and 5 fresh and fun ideas for playing.

Ways to play Bible Verses for Teens Bingo

  • Give each student a Bible Verses for Teens bingo card.  Using the cut-apart call sheet generated with the set of bingo cards, place each bible verse in a bag.   Call the game, one verse at a time. Students have to look in their bibles to find the verse.  The first person to find it shouts the verse, reads it out loud to the rest of the class, and gets to mark their card.
  • Working in pairs or teams, have the kids find the bible verses on their bingo card. Students can only mark the space if they can memorize the verse or tell in their own words what it is about.

Ways to play Foods of the Bible Bingo

Thinking some more about teenagers, my mind was drawn to how much they like to eat.  This inspired me to create custom Foods of the Bible Bingo to appeal to the never-ending teenage appetite.

  • A great idea to use with a Bible App. Have the teens use the search feature in their electronic bibles for the foods listed on their Foods of the Bible Bingo cards.  Students can only mark the space when they find it and then record the book, chapter, and verse the food was in.
  • Use the card to teach about foods in the bible.  After each food is called, state a fact about it’s biblical significance.
  • Call the Bible verse the food is mentioned in.  Have the students find the verse in their bibles. They can cover the space with the food that is mentioned in the quotation.
  • Prepare ahead of time and bring some of the foods used in the Foods of the Bible bingo cards for prizes.  Better yet, assign each teen a food item to bring in and have a feast after the game of Bingo.

Friends, fun, food, AND Bible School…BINGO!