Custom Bingo and Apples… A Fun and Healthy Learning Game for this Fall

Here is a fun and healthy game to play with your students this fall. This vocabulary-building bingo game consists of 25 different types of apples. It is a great culminating activity for a unit on the fall, or after reading a story like “Johnny Appleseed”. Read on for instructions on how to play as well as tips, tricks, and even how to host a mini Apple-fest in your classroom.

How to Play All Types of Apples Bingo

Print the All Types of Apples bingo cards and cut them out. Give one per player. Cut up your call list (automatically printed as the last pages of your bingo cards). Place them in a bag.

Tips and Tricks– Use a fun container to pull from like a straw hat or apple bushel basket.  Short on time?  You could also just read from the list in order to save time.  Not quite as magical but it works.

Now, reach into your apple basket (or bag).  Say the type of apple out loud, and have participants mark it on their cards with a token.

Tips and Tricks– Place a handful of card covers in individual containers like a cup, on a tray. This will save time when distributing them to participants, as well as clean-up. Or, use these cute apple-shaped containers to hold bingo chips.

When a player reaches 5 words all in one row, or in one column, or on the diagonal, they should stand up and say “Bingo!”  and win.

Tips and Tricks– Give apples as prizes. Caramel apples, apple slices, or even Green Apple Jolly Ranchers will add to the fun and enjoyment of the game.  Have the winning student call the next game.

Have a mini Apple-fest In your Classroom

Host a mini Apple-fest in your classroom where students get to sample different types of Apples and rate them.  To do this, create a custom 3×3 bingo card with the names of different types of apples such as Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, etc…

Then head to the grocery store.  Purchase enough of each of the different types of apples for each student in your class to sample.  Cut the apples in slices  and place in different stations around the room, one station per apple type.  Clearly label the type of apple at each station.

Print and distribute the apple bingo cards to your students.  They then rotate around the room, taste each type of apple, and rate it by placing 1 to 4 stars on their bingo card in the space of the apple they tried.

After all the apples have been sampled, you now have the opportunity for some real-world math by having students create a bar graph of their favorite and least favorite apples or have them find the average rating for each type of apple.  For a language arts conclusion, have students use descriptive language to tell about their favorite and least favorite apple.

Tips and Tricks– Have a mini Apple-Fest across your grade level by hosting both activities, the apple tasting and bingo game, in different classrooms.  Students rotate among classrooms.  Or, use both ideas for a fall-themed party.

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