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Planning a birthday party can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work.  And when it comes to creating the games, I have learned from experience, the simpler the better.  This is why familiar games are always such a hit- the rules are often well-known requiring little explanation and the focus is on having fun.

And if you take a familiar game and give it a twist, even better!  Birthday Bingo is just with a twist.  Here are two ways to create and play custom Birthday Bingo.

All About Me Bingo

Starting with the All About Me Birthday Bingo card from, interview the guest of honor using the questions included such as "What is your favorite ice cream flavor/color/toy?" or create your own.  Then, plug in their answers and print out enough cards for each guest.   For even more fun, add the honoree's picture for the Free Space or use the birthday child's favorite candy to cover cards.

For younger children, take pictures of favorites such as toys or animals.  Upload each image in your custom bingo board or use stock images. You can also create cards in a smaller size such as 3x3 to match little attention spans.

Birthday Bingo with a Theme

Having a princess themed party?  Create a custom bingo card with names of favorite princesses.  A Star Wars themed party? Create a card with all Star Wars characters.

And don't forget markers and prizes that fit your theme as well.

To bump it up even more, customize the way players go Bingo.  For example, if the birthday child's name begins with a T, guests must cover the middle and top row to go Bingo.  If you have created bingo for your Star Wars themed party, players must cover both diagonals to form an X (think X-Wing Fighter).

With the simple game of Bingo as your starting point, it will be easy to add your own creativity for a truly fun game that is as unique as the special someone you are planning your party for.

Click here to see how easy it is to create custom bingo for your special event.

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