Celebrate the Tastes of Summer with these Party Games

summer party

Summer is the perfect time to have a party where trying new foods and beverages are just as fun as mingling and meeting new friends.    We’ve curated bingo card content with the freshest summer fruits and veggies, paired them with the best summer mocktails, shaken them up, and you guessed it, placed them in a bingo card.

Fresh from the farm or your blender, check out these fun games of bingo involving the tastes and toasts of the summer. 

A Bingo Worth of Veggies

Perfect for summer camp or a farm-themed party.  Campers must choose a bingo line from Summer Vegetables bingo or Fruits bingo and then try all the vegetables or fruits in that line to win.

Trick: Make the game even more challenging by predetermining what makes a bingo…picture frame? X? Cover all?  The more vegetables they must try, the more challenging (and healthy!) the game.

Tip:  Have these cute grow kits ready to go as prizes or have campers pick a fresh fruit or vegetable to take home.

Blind Taste-Test Bingo

Great for a summer soiree or corporate event, prepare vegetables dishes for each of the vegetables or fruits included on the Summer Vegetables or Fruits bingo cards. Then label each dish with a number.

While munching on their seasonal samples, they have to try and guess the number on the dish with the vegetable or fruit on their bingo card. Anyone who correctly guesses five in a row, wins.

Tip: Make it pot-luck by assigning a specific vegetable or fruit for each guest to bring prior to the party. Add the number when they arrive with the dish.

Tip: Provide these small farmers baskets to pass out vegetable prizes. Also makes a great hopper when playing bingo or to hold bingo cards and other party items.

Trick:  Supply pencils (these green half pencils are just perfect) and have participants write the number of the vegetable dish they believe matches in the space on their bingo card.

Summer Mocktails Bingo

No spirits necessary (although if you are hosting an adult-only event, why not???).  If you have ever been to Puerto Rico with your kids you know that family Piña Coladas are a must, no rum necessary.  Try Summer Mocktails Bingo for family events or Summer Cocktails Bingo for an over 21 crowd.  Either way, sipping your way to a bingo is bound to be fun and refreshing.

Tip: For prizes, this assortment of funny Hawaiian Tropical Glasses are sure to add to the entertainment.

Have your own idea for a custom bingo game?  Create it now in 3 Easy Steps using BingoCardCreator.com.