Want to create your own game of bingo just like the traditional game but using your own content? Then you have come to the right place. BingoCardCreator.com has a feature called Consistent Columns that allows you to create your custom game of bingo using whatever content you choose. When Consistent Columns is selected, the same words/images/numbers/etc… will be shuffled in the same column across all cards. This is just like traditional Bingo where the same numbers are always in the same columns.

The Basics

When selected, Bingo Card Creator can automatically assign and shuffle the content you entered in Step 1 to the same columns across all cards when your bingo cards are generated in Step 3. Simply select Use Consistent Columns in Step 2 of Bingo Card Creator.

​Controlling Content Columns

You can control the content found in each column by understanding how BingoCardCreator.com assigns the words/pictures/numbers/etc… you entered in Step 1 to card generation in Step 3. It’s simple.

Words/Phrases/Images will be placed in each column left to right, top to bottom. Using a 5×5 card and the traditional BINGO as column headers, content placement on your bingo cards is done like this…

  • The first word/phrase/picture entered in Step 1 are assigned to the first space in the B column.
  • The second word/phrase picture entered is assigned to the first space in the I column, and so on and so forth.  

So if you need to control the column your content is in, you can do this by simply entering it in Step 1 according to the pattern.

Some Tips and Tricks for Using the Consistent Columns Feature

  • If cards are created with less than 50 words/images (for a 5×5 card), randomization will still occur but will be limited.  This may affect playing time so you will want to plan accordingly.
  • To make your game similar to a traditional bingo game, label each item on the cut apart call list (automatically generated with each set of bingo cards you create) ahead of time with the column headers you created in Step 1.
  • If you scroll down to the bottom of the Screen in Step 1, you can view your content in the column it will appear if consistent columns is selected in the next step.

Need more help or have questions? Visit the Support link at BingoCardCreator.com.