Got Blank Pages? A Fun Idea to Get Kids Writing

November is National Novel Writing Month.  A perfect way to celebrate and to get students’ writing gears in motion by playing Story Starters bingo.

Here’s how…

  1. Customize and print one Story Starters Bingo card for each student. You can also create your own using
  2. To play, pass out a Story Starters bingo card and notebook or fun writing journal to each student.  TIP: For younger students, try Picture Story Starters bingo from  Have students  use primary write and draw journals to write or draw or story about what they see in the picture.
  3. Explain the rules: When each student writes to one of the prompts on their Story Starters bingo card, they get to mark that space.  Be sure to let the students know up front what constitutes going bingo. Will they will need a traditional bingo (complete a row, column, or diagonal), cover all, or even something different like four corners or photo frame bingo?
  4. Once they get a Bingo, have a prize like a fun pen ready to go!

Also check out NaNoWriMo for some great resources and fun ways to get kids writing this month.

Here’s to a fun month of putting the pen to the paper!

Click for a Free Story Starters Bingo card