Halloween Bingo Office Game

Here's an easy Halloween office party game for adults to play at work...So much fun, it's scary ūüôā

Print and Play halloween Office bingo Party Game with your staff. create in 3 easy steps!
Here’s how…

1. Choose a pre-made Halloween themed set of Bingo cards using Bingo Card Creator, or create your own.

2. Create and print a set of custom Halloween bingo cards using¬† Bingo Card Creator‘s 3 easy steps.¬†Hand them out to staff, one per person, and instruct employees to keep their unique card beside their desk for the day.

3.  Once an hour and using the call list that is printed automatically with your bingo cards, send out 2-4 new words or phrases via email, text, or intercom.  Employees check their bingo card and mark it accordingly.

4.  When someone gets a bingo, shout it out!  Or reply all via email.

5.  Have prizes ready! Candy bars, gift cards, a bottle of wine, or even the rest of the day off are sure to please.

TIP:  Create and print Halloween Songs Bingo, and matching playlist of the songs used in the game.  Instead of calling out words, shuffle the Halloween songs on your playlist during the work day.  When a new song comes on, employees check their card for the song title.

Trick: Got employees that work from home?  Simply download the bingo cards and email to your work-from-home employees as an attachment.  Assign a different card page number to each employee.

Easily create your bingo cards now!