Halloween Picture Bingo

Halloween picture Bingo for Little Ones…No reading required

Add some fun to your Halloween pre-party, party, or get the kids settled post-party by playing Halloween Picture Bingo.

Perfect for preschool and Kindergarten students, cards are created with iconic Halloween pictures and are a smaller 3×3 size to suit smaller attention spans.  To play, simply download and print our Halloween Picture Bingo.  Cut out the cut-apart call list included with the download and place in a bag or basket, pass out bingo cards, and play.

Read on for more great ideas on how to conjure up even more fun with your little ones this Halloween.

Fun tips and tricks for playing Halloween Picture Bingo
  • No prizes necessary!  Give each child one of these cute mini cauldrons filled with candy corns. Kids use the candy corns to cover their cards while playing bingo, and then have a fun souvenir to take home when it’s over.
  • Use Mini Stampers instead of bingo chips.  Grab some fun Halloween Mini-Stampers for marking bingo cards.  Let children keep their stamper at the end of the game or hang on to them for next year’s party.
  • Use a plastic pumpkin to draw words from, or for some serious spooky fun, check out this smoking cauldron.
  • Have the winner be the caller for the next game. Children always love a chance to do something special. Letting the winner be the caller is a great reward and it helps reduce the odds of one person winning multiple times.
Have your own idea for a Halloween bingo game?
Create your own custom set of Halloween bingo cards using pictures, words, or both by visiting our site: BingoCardCreator.com