5 Simple Bingo-Inspired Games to Play at Family Reunions

One of the most popular type of customer-created cards at Bingo Card Creator are games created for family reunions.  Here are 5 customer-inspired ways that families are connecting with each other at their reunions using custom bingo.

Family Reunion Find Someone Who…

Use our event-planner created Family Reunion custom bingo game to reconnect from the year.  Family members try to fill their card by finding aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and family friends who celebrated anniversaries, went on special trips, or achieved life milestones during the year.  A great ice-breaker or welcome activity.  Print-and-go or add your own items to create a truly personalized experience.

Family Names Bingo

For a large reunion, create custom bingo cards using all of the family surnames that are represented at the reunion.  Got a smaller reunion?  Use the first and last name of everyone who will be in attendance.

Where in the World?

For family ties that reach across the country or even the world, you can create a custom game using the names of cities, states, and even countries of family members.  Make it a fun rule that players give a giant shout out when their families’ location comes out of the hopper.

Family Photos Bingo

Create custom bingo cards using photos of family members.  Or get creative and use images that are meaningful such as the location of someone who just got married, pets, or company logos.

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The Family Business Bingo

Celebrate the success of family members by creating a custom bingo game using their professions or school insignia.  Using iconic pictures from sites like Shutterstock or Google images, you can create a bingo game that is meaningful and truly unique.

Family Favorites

All families have them- Nana’s homemade meatballs, Aunt Rose’s hand-knitted mittens, Uncle Jim’s hot toddy, or the way Pappy Jack dances the Macarena.  Easily create a bingo game by plugging in your own family’s favorites and you have a personalized game that is sure to bring smiles and laughter.

Finally, don’t forget the prizes! Gift cards and baskets work great.  Or for a truly personal touch, ask ahead of time for members to donate homemade items for prizes.

New memories, fun with a personal touch…now that’s a bingo 😉

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