Teaching Music? Jazz Up Your Lessons With Music Custom Bingo

Here’s a fun way to use custom bingo to reinforce music notes recognition or music symbols recognition among your elementary and middle school music students.  Read on to discover how a simple game of  custom bingo using words and pictures can bring fun and learning to your music lessons.

Creating the Game

You can create a custom bingo game easily using BingoCardCreator.com.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is to use one of BingoCardCreator.com’s  premade done-for-you bingo games: Music Notes Bingo or Music Symbols Bingo.  Both are ready to go and available to view and print in minutes .  To access, click one of the links below or login to BingoCardCreator.com and search Music, where you will find 60+ music related custom bingo cards ranging in topics from orchestral instruments to male pop artists.

Preview Music Notes custom bingo game

Preview Music Symbols custom bingo game

Have an idea or want to narrow the focus of your game on certain notes and symbols (i.e. just the bass clef notes or just rests)? No problem!  The second way is to create a custom bingo game from scratch.

First, think about how you would like to reinforce the content you are teaching.  Perhaps you just want kids to match the treble clef notes with the note names.  Or maybe you just want to create a bingo game with the various types of rests. Then in step 1 of card creation,  choose to add images and then search the image catalog for the notes or symbols you want to include in your cards.  You can also upload your own images or use a combination of words and images in your custom bingo card creation.  View this brief video to see more on how to create a custom set of bingo cards from scratch.

Setting Up

To play, you will need something to cover the cards.  Pennies, chips, or even popcorn kernels work great.  Another fun idea is to use mini-stampers to mark cards.  Mini stampers come in a variety of themes, are inexpensive, and make set-up and clean-up a breeze.  Check out these fun music notes mini-stampers from our custom bingo supplies shop.

You will also need to think about how you will call the content on the cards.  A cut-apart call list will be generated as the last page(s) of your BingoCardCreator.com custom bingo cards.  Cut out and place in a bag or you can also call straight from this randomized call list.

Playing the Game

Distribute cards and chips or mini-stampers to students.  Then explain how you will call the game.  Will you hold up the music note name and the kids have to find the corresponding picture of the note on their bingo card?  Maybe you will clap and students have to match the length of your clap to a rest or type of note.

Also let students know how to win.  It could be covering the spaces of the traditional row, column, or diagonal.  Or perhaps you will add to your music theme with something more creative like these music-inspired bingo card cover patterns.

And for more fun, let them know what to do if they go bingo.  Will simply calling out, “Bingo!” suffice or do they need to sing a note or clap a beat?  The creative possibilities are endless for your creative bingo learning game.

Finally, don’t forget the prizes!  Of course, getting to play a fun game of custom bingo while learning can be rewarding enough, but if you are looking for something more then try candy, pencils, or any novelty item you have on hand.

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