Thanksgiving Conversations Bingo

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more meaningful with this fun game of Thanksgiving Conversations Starters Bingo, from  Read on to discover how you can make some memories by playing Thanksgiving Conversations Starters bingo with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.

The Set-Up

First, select Thanksgiving Conversations Starter bingo card from  Using the 3 easy steps, print enough cards for each person who will be attending your Thanksgiving feast plus some extras, just in case.

The Play

Hand everyone a card as they sit down or at each seat ahead of time while you set the table.  You will also need something to mark them with.  Golf pencils or themed mini-stampers work great.  Once everyone is around the table, explain the game and how you will play using one of the options below.

Option #1

Keep it simple.  Going around the table in a clockwise direction, each person chooses a question from their Thanksgiving Conversation Starters Bingo card. They reads it out loud and answer it.  The goal here is purely conversation.  Marking the bingo card is optional.

Option #2

Collaborative play.  Elect one person to be the leader.  The leader is in charge of deciding which question from their Thanksgiving Conversation Starters bingo card will be asked and who will answer it.   The leader marks the space on their bingo card once answered and moves on to a different question, with the goal of trying to achieve a bingo.  Once a bingo is achieved, a new leader is elected with a new card.  For some added fun, the leader asks the question but everyone else around the table votes on whom they would like an answer.

Option #3

Q and A.  Each person takes turns being the ask-er and the ask-ee.  The ask-er asks a question from their card to another person at the table, the ask-ee.  Once answered, the ask-er gets to mark the question off on their Thanksgiving Conversation Starters bingo card.  If the ask-ee has the question on their card (remember- each card is unique). they get to mark the space on their card as well.  The game continues with the ask-ee now becoming the new ask-er.

Add A Twist

The person answering the question must do so sufficiently as judged by everyone else around the table with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  If thumbs up, then ask-er and ask-ee get to mark their cards.   If thumbs down, the ask-ee must either expound upon their answer or pass.  If they pass, only the ask-ee gets to mark their space.

To Prize or Not to Prize

The gift of a great conversation and memories made by playing Thanksgiving Conversation Starters Bingo is a prize in and of itself.   However, another pour of wine or extra slice of pie would not be half bad either.

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