There’s More to Bingo Than Old Ladies!

The face of bingo is changing.

Long the game of choice for blue-haired retirees, today there’s no telling who you’ll find competing for jackpots.

Yes, you’ll still see many older players in bingo halls around the country (and around the world), but you’ll also meet many younger women and – gasp! – MEN.  

The growing number of male bingo fans may seem surprising at first, but bingo was actually created by an Italian man in the 1530s. In the 1920s, another man – Edwin S. Lowe – took the Italian original and developed the game we now know today.

AND…you won’t just see this changing population in halls and church basements.  You will find people of all ages and professions playing bingo in schools, meeting rooms, and party venues alike.

But history isn’t what’s pulling in brand new players from around the globe… it’s technology and the use of custom bingo.  Now,  in a matter of minutes, technology can be used to make custom bingo cards where the traditional numbers are replaced with words and images.

Known in social halls the world over to have the elements of fun and camaraderie, these benefits are now being applied to the classroom, party room, and even conference rooms.  Businesses, schools, and party-planning moms alike are all discovering how to tap into the engaging power of this well-known game to get their brand across, their lesson learned, or their party a memorable success.

In fact, not only does custom bingo lend itself to socialization, it also helps serve as a memory aid for branding as well as a fun delivery of review and repetition for educational content.  

If nothing else, the rise in the use of mobile technology to create educational and marketing materials  points to the fact that there is a steadily growing demand for more and more custom content-creation like custom bingo.

Bingo’s not just for granny anymore.