Valentine’s Day Bingo for Classroom Parties

In the dark and often frigid days of February, Valentine’s Day classroom parties offer a welcome reprieve from the winter doldrums.  Here are the top 4 Valentine’s Day bingo games and classroom tested tips and tricks for you to try with your class this February.

Conversation Hearts Bingo

Featuring phrases from that heart-shaped confection that can only be found in February, this game of bingo is just the thing to add fun to your Valentine’s Day pre-party, party, or a great way to get the kids back in their seats and settled post-party.

  • No prizes necessary!  Give each child a box of candy conversation hearts  Kids use their hearts to cover cards while playing bingo, and then have a fun treat to eat when it’s over.
  • Partner share! During the game when a new conversation heart is pulled, kids must use the words on the heart to share a sentence with their partner before they are allowed to cover the space on their bingo card. For example, “Luv U…to the moon and back“.

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Valentine’s Day Picture Bingo

Perfect for younger students, cards are created with iconic Valentine’s Day pictures.

  • Create bingo cards in a smaller 3×3 size to suit smaller attention spans.
  • Give each child one of these heart containers filled with red bingo chips. Kids use the bingo chips to cover their cards while playing bingo, and then have a fun souvenir to take home when it’s over.
  • Use Mini Stampers instead of bingo chips.  Grab some fun Valentine’s Day mini stampers for marking bingo cards.  Let children keep their stamper at the end of the game or hang on to them yourself for next year’s party.

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Valentine’s Day Bingo- Words

What words come to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day???  Cupid?  Sweetheart? Love?  These bingo cards are great for an older crowd and offer a good lesson in domain-specific vocabulary.

  • Save the box from a candy heart and use it to draw words from during the bingo game.
  • Have the winner be the caller for the next game. Kids always love a chance to do something special. Letting the winner be the caller is a great reward and it helps reduce the odds of one person winning multiple times.
  • Give an extra prize if the winner has Bingo more than one way.  This is a great way to add some strategy to the game. The kids will have to decide if they should shout “Bingo” as soon as they have a row, column, etc. or if they should wait and try to get bingo another way and win a better prize.

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Create Your Own Game

Tap into your own creativity or that of your class by creating your own Valentine’s Day bingo.

  • Survey the class to find out everyone’s favorite animal and create “Animals We Love” bingo.
  • For Bible School, have the young disciples write down their favorite bible verse and create “Bible Versus We Love” bingo,
  • For CCD, teach about the origins of St. Valentine’s Day.  Create a game of bingo to review what you’ve taught.

Create Your Own Bingo Game in 3 Easy Steps >>

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