World Cup 2018…Ditch the Bracket, Play Custom Bingo Instead

Here’s a fun way to join the excitement of the World Cup!

  1. First, download and print pre-made World Cup 2018 bingo cards.  They include all 32 teams and no matter how many you print, each will be different, just like traditional bingo.  
  2. Pass a card out to each family member, friend, or colleague.
  3. Now here’s the fun part- Check your bingo card every time a team wins.  If you have the winning team, mark your card.
  4. Complete a line of winning teams (across, up and down, or diagonal) and you got a bingo!

Tip: Playing with friends and family in other places? No problem! Attach your downloaded set of cards to a group email.  Assign each person to a specific page number for their bingo card.

Download and print World Cup 2018 bingo cards