Saving your bingo cards as a PDF

When you select to print your bingo cards using Bingo Card Creator, you might want to save them as a PDF for ease of sharing or printing later. Here's how to do it within the browser print modal:

Access the print function

After you've created your cards and selected to print them, the print function in your browser will open.

Saving your bingo cards as a PDF 1

Choose 'Save as PDF'

In the print dialog window, you'll find a dropdown menu or option labeled 'Printer' or something similar. Here, select 'Save as PDF' to convert your bingo cards into a PDF file.

Saving your bingo cards as a PDF 3

Adjust settings (optional)

You may want to adjust the orientation from portrait to landscape or tweak other settings like margins and scale, depending on your needs and the browser's features.

Save the file

Once 'Save as PDF' is selected and any adjustments are made, you'll be prompted to choose where to save the file on your computer. Pick your preferred location, name your file, and click 'Save.'

Additional tips

  • Browser specifics: The steps may vary slightly depending on your browser, so it's good to familiarize yourself with its specific print modal.
  • Preview your PDF: Most print modals provide a preview. Check this to ensure your bingo cards look exactly as you want in the PDF format.

By following these steps, you can easily save your custom bingo cards as PDFs, making it convenient to print them anytime or share with others for your next game night.