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Bingo Card Creator lets you create custom, random, printable bingo cards on your PC and Mac. It is quick and easy to use -- after you download our trial, you can have cards coming off the printer in under 2 minutes with our popular Wizards feature.

The installation instructions are below.

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Download Bingo Card Creator for Windows or download Bingo Card Creator for Mac.

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  The installation instructions are below.

While you're waiting for your free trial to finish downloading, we'd like to give you a quick rundown of how to do some common tasks with it.

  • Want to get started right away?  Open the Wizards menu, click  on what subject most interests you, and pick from one of our included word lists.  You'll see a sample card immediately and can change the appearance of the card on the printed page by using the Options menu.
  • If you want to make the whole list yourself, type into the box at the center of your screen and hit enter (or click the + button next to the box) after every word. You'll see the sample card gradually fill up with the words you add. If you make a mistake, you can select a word from the dropdown list with your mouse. Click the word once and it will go up to the box. Then click the - button with your mouse and it will be erased from your bingo cards.
  • To print, click the print button or click File, Print or hit Ctrl and P at the same time on your keyboard.  You can change how many cards will be printed on each page after doing this.

Installation Instructions for PC

  1. Download the software.  You may select Run or Open to execute the installer directly, or save it to your desktop.
  2. Double click the installer to run it, and follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. You may now run Bingo Card Creator from the shortcut in your Start Menu at any time.

Installation Instructions for Mac

  1. Download the software.
  2. Double click the ZIP file to extract it.  This will create a Bingo Card Creator folder.
  3. You may now run Bingo Card Creator from the application in the folder.

Problems With Your Free Trial?

The most likely problem you are to have is not having Java installed on your machine. Click here and follow the onscreen instructions to fix that. You'll only have to do this once.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us.