Bingo Card Creator Publishes Stats

My name is Patrick McKenzie and I'm the sole proprietor of Bingo Card Creator. Since starting the business in June 2006 I've been pretty open about my financial and other statistics. I have nothing against business owners who choose to keep their proprietary information proprietary, but have always felt that I have very little to lose by publishing mine. I hope it helps you, or at least amuses you.

You can see all currently published statistics on the left hand sidebar. These are real data, generally automatically generated within the past day. Responsibility for any errors in it is my own. I would not suggest using them for anything truly important, as they can and do change frequently, both as a result of natural changes in the data and as a result of me squashing bugs or transitioning more offline records online.

Where possible I have credited the makers of the charting software which provides the visualizations.