Check out these fun facts that makes armadillos simply amazing! Check out these surprising armadillo facts: 10. The word Armadillo is a Spanish word which means “little armored one” The armor is effective against most of its enemies but not the vehicles of modern day and frequently gets run over by automobiles. 2. Get facts about antlion here. A pound of armadillo meat contains 780 calories. It is fairly common throughout Florida except for the Keys, Everglades and Big Cypress swamp. The giant armadillo of South America regularly grows to over 4 feet in length. 2. Tweet. The nine-banded armadillo is the official state animal of Texas. Details Written by Jeff Mayhew f Share. Their whole body (head, back, legs and tail) is covered with bony plates. – Source, 6. It has plates of bone covered with leathery skin across its back and tail, and bony armor scales on the head and face. There are several foods that armadillo like to eat. Two species of Armadillo i.e Southern Three-banded Armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus) and the Brazilian Three-banded Armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus) can roll into a ball. 1-5 Armadillo Facts 1. Most of these are pretty ordinary, e.g the ‘Northern Naked-tailed’, Cabassous Centralis, ‘Southern Three-banded’, Tolypeutes matacus, ‘Big Hairy’ (yes, really! The giant armadillos that reach 59 inches can have up to 100 teeth. Taking a 23-minute flight might seem like a waste of money today, but in 1914 Abram Pheil paid $400, which would be … Here are five interesting facts about them: These cute little mammals only grow about 11 cm long, making them the smallest species of armadillo in the world. 8 Shocking Facts About The Spanish Flu. When the pups are born, their shell is soft and gray and feels like leather. There are about 10 living genera and about 20 species of armadillo. The shell hardens within a few days. Fun Facts about Armadillos. Facts about Armadillos 7: the nine banded armadillo. They even eat carrion. – Source, 5. Although most of their diet consists of insects and invertebrates, armadillos also eat fruit, eggs, and small animals. It is smallest of all known armadillos. 1. All information appearing on this site has been precisely and thoroughly researched, nevertheless should you notice any errors, please do notify us via email. The number of armored bands identifies the different species. T he nine-banded armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus, is a medium-size, armored mammal that is mostly nocturnal and lives in a great deal of the Americas. – Source, 11. 10. The Giant Armadillo grows up to 100 cm (39 … People do eat armadillo meat. 3. Interesting Pink Fairy Armadillo Facts 1. Armadillos can be pinkish, dark-brown, black, red, gray or yellowish in color. Closely related to anteaters and sloths, armadillos generally have a pointy or shovel-shaped snout and small eyes. Armadillos do not form bonds, and the father does not stay to help raise the young. 1 – There are around 20 or so living species of armadillo, almost all of which are named, with a staggering lack of imagination, for aspects of their appearance. – Source, 9. Interesting Facts About Armadillo. This odd-looking creature still resembles its ancient relatives, and there are some interesting facts about these creatures that few know. 11. These fun facts really get you thinking about how far we’ve come. Some people in Mexico, Central America and South America also eat armadillos, whose meat is sometimes used as a substitute for pork. Mammals come in all shapes and sizes. Armadillos are a unique kind of mammal, and there are about 20 different species. Only three-banded armadillo can curl into the ball to protect itself from predators. The glyptodon was a prehistoric armadillo as big as a Volkswagen Beetle! One exceptionally large specimen tipped the scales at 180 lbs. They can roll up into a ball within hours of being born. 1: They come in quadruplets. Armadillos can inflate their stomachs and intestines with air and float across the water. Take a fresh look at the armadillo and see it in a new light. Factlist containing Fascinating Armadillo Facts. Armadillo Facts. Nine-banded Armadillo Facts Contrary to popular belief, the nine-banded armadillo can not roll itself into a ball to escape predators!! A three-banded armadillo and her young. Breeding season for armadillos varies from species to species, but there are some armadillos that can reproduce year-round.

armadillo fun facts

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