Well, I love you Stuart, but I'm going to put this in your smoothie anyway. This happened later on. Nice idea. Collect egg shells as much as 10 wholes (of course cut in half) Allow these egg shells to dry under the heat of the sun for at least 1 week to make sure that all the fluids and oils and organic matter is already dried and the smell of the egg is already gone. The egg is mixed with the grounds to hold them together when boiled and the shells were always tossed in. This makes it very easy to add to smoothies, iced chai teas, milk, juice, kombucha, water, etc. Bring to a rolling boil, then remove from heat and allow to cool for 24 hours. In Gambia we found a lot of goat and cow bones easily so decided to use them. How do you make water soluble calcium? You can see below that there’s a big difference between these two beds. I’ve been wanting to start taking a calcium supplement anyway–I know I’m not getting enough. And as experience is the best teacher, I’m here to share with you how to bake better bread at home. Since starting on magnesium during this pregnancy, my pain has been much less, and I’ve not had a single headache (common for me anyway, but especially during pregnancy). Now make a papper cornet and fill the capsules, then store them in a clean, dry jar. Your email address will not be published. We called it ‘cane of sweet’ to try to keep its identity hidden, as a way to prevent theft. I am sure some of the calcium leaches into the kefir because they eventually disintegrate. This photo is a week or so after we transferred them. Good idea, yeah if we could get a rolling barrel or something going that would be nice. Not only does this keep slugs and snails away, it adds minerals to the soil. I haven’t tried the egg water, since I just put crushed eggshell in the potting soil and mix it. I just LOVE this. I like this idea more! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even the weeds we’re going wild in the WCA/WCP bed on the left. It aids in the relief of bone pain, joint pain, and inflammation. The History of the Civil War, penguin classic version. that is a very good information. Good luck getting someones attaya glass to put this stuff in (it does look like attaya). Another way to make homemade calcium rich foliar spray is by filling a gallon jar with water and eggshells. I searched all the day for eggshell/vinegar ratio and finally I have the answer: “mix is 1:10, by weight, eggshells to vinegar”. They are basically free range chickens and sometimes the eggs are anywhere. Here is my other counterpart Modou with some WCA. I feel a little queasy using the eggshells with my quick wash I do. Rinse the shells off in the sink, spread them out on a cookie sheet, and bake them in the oven at about 250 degrees for 10 minutes. I crush up my eggshells and feed them back to my chickens! Egg shells are a natural source of calcium carbonate, and as a result, solutions made from egg shells are alkaline and will effectively neutralize any acid they come into contact with. The egg shells were baked, crushed, and fed back to the hens to provide a little extra calcium. I think I migth talk with my grandma about this to see if she knows about it. Thanks Stephen. Ah yes, the Norwegians and their egg coffee. To get the calcium and calcium phosphate off the eggs and bones we use vinegar, which starts a reaction that releases the calcium, as well as carbon dioxide. Put the crushed eggshells on the fire. To create your calcium foliar … What do you think? The water-soluble phosphorous (WCP) is sprayed on during vegetative growth phases of plants so they can produce a lot of “structure” like strong roots, stems, leaves etc. Eggshells, Bones and Vinegar – Water-Soluble Calcium and Calcium Phosphate (WCA / WCP), 2015 harvest, mini food forest and final welding project…. It's actually quite a wonderful combination. As I was researching the eating of eggshells, I found that it is still common practice in Norway for folks to grind the eggshells up with their coffee beans and steep them both together for a little extra morning calcium boost in their coffee. ewwwhhhhh yuk ! 1. I was trying to get some calcium for my pot plant. This powder can then be added to smoothies or oatmeal or what-have-you. I’ll explain it ‘Gambian style” below (i.e. Sugar cane in Hawaiian is “Ko” which means “salt” in Mandinka. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Thanks for this post . Jaimie – why are good eggs so expensive there? One thing we noticed was that almost immediately after adding WCA or WCP – the day after – we’d see 50-100 small weeds pop up. As long as the consumer doesn't know what's actually in it, they don't care (hello, pepperoni). A couple weeks later the trend looks the same – more vegetative growth in the WCA/WCP bed. ( Log Out /  If you want to eyeball it and leave the scale alone you can fill a jar 2/3 full with vinegar and then add eggshells till the jar is full. After the WCP, use WCA when the plants start to flower and fruit. It’s a big thing here in the US- check out just about any Norwegian Lutheran church get together and you’ll probably get some egg coffee. I've been taking it with water, aloe vera, and elderberry syrup. Allow to cool on your counter. INGREDIENTS 12 eggshells, cleaned and dried DIRECTIONS • Once clean and dry, eggshells can be left at room temperature in an airtight container until you save enough to make a batch. According to Gillman, 4 to 5 eggshells per garden plant is sufficient. Change ). Mix them up as they cook and try to get them to a light brown, again trying not to burn them black. It’s essentially the same process as WCA, but you use animal bones that have phosphorous in them. Since both of my parents were of Swedish heritage. Write the date on the paper towel. I did not know that we in Norway had such a tradition. Eggshells are all calcium but its locked up in the shell and unavailable to the plant. But Shaye, real, decent, anything-but-store-brand-eggs around here are SO expensive. First we’ll look at some sugar cane beds. Second, eggshell calcium boosts your metabolism in two ways. We also put a lot of good stuff in these beds, as the sign shows – some manure, compost and carbonized coos husks (i.e. A good way to take the eggshell water would be to just pour a tablespoon or so of it in your glass of water throughout the day. Thank you, I use egg shells with peels of onion garlick ginger etc on plants. I will use, probably, apple vinegar. The water-soluble calcium (WCA) is sprayed on during a plants reproductive stage, when plants are flowering, and helps make fruits and veggies hard and sweet, which can help prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, for example. Much information is available about this. All the plants were sown at the same time and were the same size when we transferred them into these two beds. I never thought of taking this myself. Fill a stock pot with approximately 6 cups of filtered water … For the many species that don’t eat seed or suet—like robins—you can give them leftover chicken eggshells instead. 9 Step by Step Procedures in Collection and Harvest of Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate. around a 1.25 tablespoon in 5 gallons of water). Crush the clean eggshells, and pour boiling water over them. Here’s a safe, easy way to make your own eggshell calcium at home: Wash your eggs before cracking them for normal use, and save the shells until you have 1 dozen empty shells. Final photo of the sugar cane below. Happy to say Mother and baby did great, the baby just graduated college. Going to start doing it tomorrow! If you’d like the printable recipe with photographs, check out the…, Things are slowly but surely settling down here in the quiet city of Fairhope. If you’re having pregnancy aches and pains, you need magnesium, especially if you’re starting to take extra calcium! The calcium provided by eggshells aids the tomato plant in regulating its water supply, thus helping to stave off rot. 2. Calcium is one of the most common minerals in the world, though it is usually present in a solid state, such as eggshell, shellfish, pearl, snail shell, chalk, and limestone. • In a large pot, boil a gallon of water and add 10 to 20 clean eggshells to it. When growing up it was my task to make coffee every morning. You can see them here in the mayonnaise jar, which cost about $2.75 when it had mayo in it. Steep for one month, allowing the eggshells to dissolve and filter their essential nutrients into the liquid. 2. Uses and Calcium Supplement Shelf Life. Like roasting coffee beans huh? I live in a majorbcity and any small farm is an hour’s drive through traffic. Make sure to leave the membrane in the egg shell – that's where the nourishment comes from! If people knew it was sugar cane they would jump the fence and steal it to chew on. The ingredients are eggshell calcium, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), magnesium citrate, vegetarian capsule (vegetable fiber and water). Use your eggs as usual, but retain the shells. If the bubbles are still there, add some more cooked eggshells or bones and let it sit for another day or two. I would love to have a natural source of extra calcium but am afraid to try this in case I have the same reaction to the shells. • Allow the brew to sit overnight, then strain. If you’re here in Gambia with me that equates to about a 1/3 attaya glass in a standard 20L bidong. Strain the water of shell fragments and store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Can cooked eggshells be used as soil fertilizer or does making eggshell tea leach out all the calcium benefits in the shell? The purpose of this blog is to document my attempt to participate and help with the land: first as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the West African country of The Gambia and later on after my service is over on other farms in other places. Thanks for your always inspiring ideas! First step, get a fire going and gather your eggshells. Egg shells/egg membranes are rich in calcium and minerals. i think i’ll just take this in vitamin form , This is brilliant. These beds were a small tribute to the island and the start of my quest to collect and share sugar cane juice with friends here. Its an idea to tuck away for when I can get quality eggs. It lifts up the goodness…. Place into a mason jar and use a spoon to crush the egg shells. Thank you for reading and participating with my service in this way. I just saw this post and I’m wondering how clean the eggshells have to be? 1 oz, 2 oz? Knowing that the soils here in Gambia can use all the help they can get, and that we have easy access to eggshells and animal bones, we thought we’d give this a shot. Stephen. Put the chunks of bone over the fire and grill them. Now there's an idea! -stephen. I recently read about using the eggshells to make a fertiliser like your compost tea.

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