Brilliant White Tail Diamond Dove. The young can fly at just 11 or 12 days old. Silver White Tail Diamond Dove DOVSWT 0.00. They are flock birds in the wild and prefer to live in colonies in captivity. There are few amazing facts you might want to … Diet The Diamond Dove feeds entirely on the ground on seeds and also insects. Diamond doves have a mostly grey body with speckles of white over their flight wings. Sometimes they will give their owner a light peck as a way of expressing their affection. Silver White Tail Diamond Dove $ 75. Welcome to my blog. Lifespan: 3 – 5 years in the wild, 15 to 25 years in captivity. The Diamond Dove, (Geopelia cuneata) is one of the smallest of the Australian doves and have become one of the most popular of aviary birds, an excellent choice for beginners. You’ll need to feed your diamond dove a combination of fruits, greens, and seed mixes. The Diamond Dove is the smallest Australian Dove, with a distinctive red eye-ring, blue-grey head and breast. Adult size- 18-20cm 45g. To a lesser extent, they will also take ants. They were raised in the London Zoological Garden as early as 1868. They are ground feeding birds and love to walk on the ground. Average Lifespan- 15 years. Diamond Dove at PetSmart. Java Doves are completely white caused by a mutation of the Ringneck Dove. Diamond Doves are usually seen foraging on the ground in pairs or small groups. It is important to limit the amount of treats you give them, as they can quickly become obese. Handler, blue cross volunteer, owner of Chinese crested kennel “Salvador Dali” and breedless friend called Fenya. You will need to take your bird into the veterinarian right away if you notice any of these things. Usually found in pairs or small groups up to about 20, never straying far from water. These doves normally sell for $40-$75 each. This will provide them with all of the nutrients needed to stay healthy over the long term. The young can fly at just 11 or 12 days old. They often feed in large flocks. Diamond Doves. Diamond Doves were imported to Europe in the late 1800s. The very gentle overall temperament of these birds makes them an excellent choice if you have small children. This will provide them with the necessary calcium. Content of the Main Diamond Dove Pages. And recently I have found some cages where the entire front of the cage can be opened for cleaning purposes. A series of short, loud coos, in the form of an alarm call, are made at a time of danger. While I was at the pet store to buy another pair of mates, my eyes set on a wonderful cooing nose made from a diamond dove. Lifespan The life expectancy of a Diamond Dove is around 10 years. The young diamond doves lack the characteristic white spots on the wings. The diamond dove is one of the smallest pigeon species at about 20 cms long. The back and wings are smoky brown with fine white spots on the wings. Age In captivity they can live up to 12-14 years. This means having a top open nest basket with grass, twigs, and wool inside. Characteristics: Regardless of sex, they have white spots and black edges on their wings, orange eyes and red eye-rings. “I can’t imagine my life without dogs and however I have 2 hairless dogs I totally support the idea #AdoptDontShop”. s, here is an explanation of the organization of these pages. The female is browner. They also have red-orange rings around their eyes, as well as black streaks under their wings. You don’t want to keep your diamond doves with larger birds though, as aggressive behavior can quickly become a problem. This is a big difference from the 3-5 year lifespan that these birds have in the wild. Diamond Dove (Geopelia cuneata) Click to continue> Peaceful Dove (Geopelia striata) The Peaceful Dove is a small dove with a long tail. Diamond doves are similar to the size of a canary or budgie, averaging 7 1/2 inches in total length. Lifespan: 15-25 under human care. These birds need a balanced diet that consists of high-quality seed mixes, fruits, and greens. They also eat ants. Much of their time is spent on the ground feeding. The Diamond Dove is one of the smallest of the Australian … Ringnecks are the larger of the two, about the size of the wild mourning dove, averaging 11 inches in total length. DOVBRI Brilliant White Tail Diamond Dove; Description. My two budgies died because they've fallen while trying to fly away from a very intelligent (and sneaky) dog. This means that you should consider providing them with a basking rock in their cage just in case. Home » Birds » Diamond Dove Care Guide – Types, Lifespan & More. Did you know that: The Diamond doves get their names from the white "diamonds" on their shoulders and upper wings. This change in their appearance generally means they are trying to keep their temperature up. They tend to do well when kept with other smaller birds, even if they are not of the same species. If your dove doesn’t seem to have enough room to fly comfortably in its cage, you need to get a bigger one. It is very important that your dove’s cage is big enough to where it can fly around unobstructed. Diamond Doves are not ideal pets for children, who may want a bird that they can hold and pet. This is a big difference from the 3-5 year lifespan that these birds have in the wild. In flight, there is a distinctive chestnut wing panel. Make sure that the cage has a plastic base that is very sturdy. The feet are a deep pink. General Information Common Name: Diamond Dove Latin Name: Geopelia cuneata Average Lifespan: 10 Years Physical Features Average Length: 19 - 21 cm Average Weight: 45 grams Noise Level 10% Exotic Wings & Pet Things 3561 Lobsinger Line St. Clements Ontario, Canada It is usually kept in an aviary but can also be kept in a cage as long as there is a quiet atmosphere with few disturbances. There are certain signs of illness to look for, including ruffled feathers, abnormal droppings, and problems keeping their balance. Apart from the blue and silver varieties, several other color variations of diamond doves have been created in captivity, including the peach, rufous, yellow, snow white, red, pied, cinnamon, and many more. Basic facts about Diamond Dove: lifespan, distribution and habitat map, lifestyle and social behavior, mating habits, diet and nutrition, population size and status. Diamond doves are small but gorgeous birds with a lot to offer as pets. Make sure that you clean out the bowl every other day so that your bird does not contract a potentially deadly infection. These birds are fawn-colored with black spots and long, distinctive tails. Coming to the reproduction, the female dove birds mostly lay two eggs at a time. The Diamond dove lives in the deserts of Northern and Central Australia, preferring grassy savannah or scrub close to water. The Diamond Dove is not normally handled as it is a bit more flighty and high-strung than the Ringneck Dove. You can sometimes give your bird corn bread and sweet potatoes as treats. 1. Diamond Doves have very modest needs; a clean environment, fresh water, seed and grit. Behavior: Doves are social, and can be housed together in pairs or in large flocks in an aviary. If you want to enable breeding, you will have to provide your dove with an adequate nest. There are many interesting facts about mourning doves, such as the lifespan, habitat, breeding and feeding habits of these beautiful creatures. Petsoid is a blog for all pet and animal lovers. We sell Diamond Doves in Many Different Varieties. You can pay anywhere from $50 to a little over $100 for a Diamond Dove, depending on the color mutation. Since the content of the diamond dove pages may not be self evident from the page title. Doves often need to be warmed up when they are sick. ), mixed with Quail pellets and some wild bird seeds. They are a calming presence and don’t make all the racket that a parrot does. Doves are not able to survive very cold temperatures. It displays an extremely light beige color throughout its head, neck, breast, shoulders, and wings. The Diamond Dove is a resident of Australia. Interesting Facts: A dove may be sick when they puff out their feathers. You should keep a minimum of two perches in the cage at any given time. Size The Diamond Dove's size ranges from 19 - 24 centimetres in length once they are fully grown. Being very peaceful and tolerant, they can be kept with finches and canaries. Cuttlebone is also important for your bird to have on a fairly regular basis. My name is Anna Liutko and I´m a certified cynologist (KAU, ACW). Sex - Males & females available. Diamond Dove Care Guide - Types, Lifespan & More - Petsoid Diamond doves are small but gorgeous birds with a lot to offer as pets. There are lots of these options available, so you don’t want to choose just any of them. The throat is white and lower body pinkish. Country of Origin- Australia. Habitat: Doves live on every continent except for Antarctica. Diamond Dove. Diet They eat small seeds, and will also eat ants. The age and overall health of the bird are also going to be factors that will affect the price you pay. Stromberg's has been selling the highest quality birds & equipment since 1921! Threats: There are no major threats to this species. We tend to spoil all our family members, from our 80-lb rescue Shepherd/Lab mix "Rufus" down to the tiny newborn baby doves. Size They are a small pigeon with a length of 19-21cm (7.5-8.3in). Make sure that you have two perches in the bird’s cage of different sizes and textures. Sick doves may also have patches of feather loss, or pluck and pull at their own feathers. Habitat and Distribution Diamond Doves are one of the smallest pigeons from Australia, which can be found near water areas. They mostly feed on seeds from herbs and grasses. Mourning doves are songbirds that are quite common in North America. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A Minimum Cage for Diamond Doves. These birds are very sensitive to cold temperatures, which is why you’ll want to get a basking rock for their cage. Types of Diamond Doves. The average lifespan of the Diamond dove is around 15 to 25 years when properly taken care of. They can also weigh up to 45 grams. Ring–neckeddoves (Streptopelia risoria) and diamond doves (Geopelia cuneata) are two of the most widely kept species of doves. The sexes look similar except the female's eye ring is less vivid and has more of a brown colour to the plumage. Shop all bird conure, parakeets & more online You can also feed these birds the occasional insects, including ants. Here is a care guide for your diamond dove. Size: This species can grow up to 7 in(17.5 cm) Lifespan: Can live up to 25 years: Noise: Moderate, especially when kept in groups. ... 7-8" long 1 1/2 oz. When it comes to feeding the baby doves, it is a joint responsibility of male and female dove birds. Lifespan: 5-10 Years: Here is some Research of mine which is all about Fluffy’s species , which is a Laughing Dove. Sick doves may also have patches of feather loss, or pluck and pull at their own feathers. Diamond Dove. Small and thin, mourning doves are approximately 12 inches in size. Diamond Doves are found in Australia in the semi-arid grassland savannah regions. It lives primarily in Australia near water in lightly arid areas or occasionally in parks and gardens. Latin name- Geopelia cuneata. You should keep a bowl of water in your dove’s cage at all times so that it is able to bathe itself and stay clean. This nice balance of different foods will satisfy all of your dove’s nutritional needs. There is a photo of such a cage on the ringneck dove page. Diamond Dove Lifespan. These birds can be anywhere from 7.5 to 8.3 inches long and 23 to 32 grams when fully grown. The body is brown-grey, with dark barring. Diamond doves can have problems with samlonellosis, pigeon pox, and parasitic worms. The average lifespan of the Diamond dove is around 15 to 25 years when properly taken care of. It appears to be almost snow white. But they absolutely thrive if you give them a little bit extra. They can live up to fifteen years in captivity, with an average life expectancy of ten years. Species: The smartest doves include the diamond dove and ring-neck dove. They rarely get sick and can be kept with other small, peaceful, birds such as finches. Diamond Doves - About the bird, natural distribution, native habitat, foods, etc. Diamond doves are hardy birds with a lifespan of up to 15 years and are known for their gentle nature as well as soft cooing. There are a few different Diamond Dove mutations that you should be aware of, including: This means that they need enough space to fly back and forth without any issues. It will provide them with a place to lay their eggs when the time is right. Apart from the blue and silver varieties, several other color variations of diamond doves have been created in captivity, including the peach, rufous, yellow, snow white, red, pied, cinnamon, and many more. The dove predominantly exists in areas near water but which are lightly arid or semi-arid in nature, being Central, West and Northern Australia. The cage that you keep your doves in should not be any smaller than 13 by 15 by 17 inches. Diamond doves build fragile nests of interwoven grasses and twigs and only lay 2 white eggs which hatch after just 12 days. We are owned and operated by, Diamond Dove Care Guide – Types, Lifespan & More, Meyer’s Parrot - Care Guide, Information & Price. It is very important that you have a wide cage for these birds, as they are unable to climb up the sides. Keep a bowl of water in your bird’s enclosure at all times so it can clean itself on a regular basis. Estimated population in the wild: Common . Diamond Dove Species of Bird: Diamond Doves are small pigeons and are basically an Australian resident. Below is a photo of what I consider to be the minimum cage for a pair of diamond doves. They very rarely become aggressive, especially when they are properly tamed. Diamond Doves Dove release service for in and around Devon Doves being the symbol of 'Love and Peace'a personal way to enhance your occasion,giving you those cherished memories ,perfect for your photo shoot. Common name- Diamond Dove. Diamond Dove Natural History. They tend to travel in smaller flocks. The Java Dove, although not technically a species in their own right also makes a great pet. They are gentle, and will not bite you when handled. Take the time to look for a high-quality feed mix to give your dove. Lifespan: 3 – 5 years in the wild, 15 to 25 years in captivity. The Diamond Dove (Geopelia cuneata) is the smallest of the dove family at around 19-21cm and weighing 23-32 grams. This is a crucial aspect of keeping a healthy bird at home. It is very rare when it lays one or a group of eggs at any one time. 2. IUCN Status: Least Concern. Originating in Africa, these hardy birds can be found living happily in the wild in most of the Southern states, such as Georgia and Florida — it is not unusual to see a pair standing by the side of the road. If paired in cages, Diamond Doves are often seen cuddling and pecking each other lightly around the head and neck while shaking their wings, displaying love and affection for each other. Lifespan: They can live up to 15 years. The head and lower throat is paler grey, with dark scallops. They are one of Australia's smallest pigeons along with the peaceful dove. It is also known as Little Dove or Red-eyed Dove. These perches should each be a different size so that your bird’s feet don’t get sore. Thank you for joining the flock! It is a grey bird with white spots on the wings and reddish rings around orange eyes. They have become one of the most popular of aviary birds and are an excellent choice for beginners. If you noticed any ruffled feathers or signs of distress with your bird, you should take it to your veterinarian right away. There are a few different Diamond Dove mutations that you should be aware of, including: These doves have a reputation for being very friendly and sociable, which is just one of the reasons they make such good pets. Join the Flock. The Diamond Dove, the smallest of dove species, and the Ringneck Dove are the common birds for pets and can be found in pet stores nationwide. Brilliant white tail is an extremely rare and beautiful color in diamond doves. The diamond dove is native to Australia, where they are found in the dry deserts in the north and central parts of Australia. The diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata) is a resident bird in Australia. This is the only place in the world where you can find these birds in the wild. The male and female dove birds are mates for lifetime and are very good companions of each other. Diamond doves build fragile nests of interwoven grasses and twigs and only lay 2 white eggs which hatch after just 12 days. Diet & water- Foreign finch or canary seed and fresh water daily.Small pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables can be given as a treat. It took me a while to decide (you should have seen the faces of everyone at me) and eventually the dove won. We are a free resource for well-researched and unbiased pet information and product reviews. Below we will describe how we care for our lovely Diamond Doves. In captivity, Diamond doves can imitate calls and noises made by humans. They also do well inside and are best kept in pairs. Diet consists of seeds, leaves, shoots of weeds and grasses. It is very important that they stay at a normal temperature all of the time. Captive Diet: Diamond Doves should have access to a quality Finch seed mix (millets, canary seeds, etc. They have been spotted occasionally in Southern Australia in parks and gardens when the centre of Australia is very dry.

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