The teachers leading these extracurricular activities were always fun and supportive. Virtual Counselor Luncheons. These are the smallest private high schools in Georgia. They can be so selfish and mean that even most of the teachers don't like them. Overall, Chamblee is a great school. While this school is amazing, its academics are very rigorous and require a strong work ethic. Copyright 2018. They have so many clubs for students to join and involvement is extremely easy. Academically, the students are challenged as the coursework is rigorous. Even though graduating class sizes are near 800 per class, students who made an effort to have a personalized experience were able to have such. I was scared at first coming to Johns Creek High but after my first day it wasn't scared or nervous anymore. I've personally have had amazing connections with my teachers and one of them even wrote me a recommendation that got me to volunteer at a hospital! LOL, Languages of Lassiter, is a club for all students to learn and engulf themselves into different cultures through food! And those who couldn't keep up with the rigor of the school, were forced to drop out or they would fail out of high school. The academics, athletics and clubs rival those of much larger schools. The teachers are very open to helping students pursue their dreams, and strong connections are often made between the educators and the students. I cannot say enough good things about them. There are courses in graphic design, pottery, 3D arts, drawing, painting, and so much more! We're blessed to be here! The staff and teachers are helpful, caring, and kind towards their students. Our school's library, aka the CLC, has a huge variety of books, textbooks, and other resources for you to study.Read 885 Reviews, Junior: Cambridge High Schools is simply an extremely lovely school with a beautiful staff. Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and high school ratings. Online schools in Georgia provide a personalized approach to learning. For the most part, however, my teachers are knowledgeable and always willing to help me, but also care about me and push me to be my best. It took longer to get from one wing of the school to the other if you walked through the walkway than if you walked downstairs, across to the other wing, and back up: seems like a waste of money to me. DHS also offers a variety of quirky clubs, from LARPing club to birdwatching club to telenovela club. Founded in 1908, the Georgia High School Association is a voluntary association of 407 public and 56 private high schools (grades 9-12). Most of the teachers here are really good and some of them are really fun. This school is the epitome of people bonding through an extremely tough experience. They can be so selfish and mean that even most of the teachers don't like them. Milton is a great school filled with academically excelling students and teachers/administrators who actually care for your well-being. Some students expressed that they were pressured to take AP classes that they weren't ready for, and since Brookwood prides itself on excellence, I can see that happening. It has opened up so many opportunities and connections that I would have never made if not for this school. Something I think could be improved on is the administration. After being at a private school for so long, and after an accident had happened where someone crashed into out house my mom needed a breather from all the payments and had put me into public school. I loved wheeler’s diversity and staff! And those who couldn't keep up with the rigor of the school, were forced to drop out or they would fail out of high school. I learned a lot and received a "good education." (The Center Square) – The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology, where the average SAT score is 1370, was ranked the best public high school in Georgia, according to a review of school data by the website 24/7 Wall St.. Everyone in our school is expected to respect one another and show friendship and stellar character. The sports and arts are terrific! It ranks 28th for the student/teacher ratio and sits 46th for the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches. It's not an easy school, but they offer the resources to be successful. The counselors work extremely hard to help students North Oconee High School is EXECELLENT! Along with this, around 50% of these students do drugs or vape blatantly in front of teachers in lower level classes.Read 472 Reviews, Junior: This school is life-changing.

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