Hear their stories and thoughts on some big topics such as app-based learning and pivoting in times of crisis, raising awareness of climate change in gaming, product inclusivity, building quality apps with Firebase, how to go from PC to mobile gaming, and much more. For the new interface: Select your project from the toolbar. Google Play developer support When you have specific account, publication, or transaction issues, you can contact our support team for help. Add users, reset passwords, view audit logs, contact support, and more. Set up a Google Play developer account. Google Play console landing page. Note: While Google Cloud documentation says you have 30 days to reverse the deletion, the Actions console adheres to its own seven day reversal limitation. Benefit from features that help you improve your Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business. Reach and engage with people using Android devices around the world. Browse and analyze user reviews to find trends and themes that will help you improve your app or game. Search and filter and save search options, across rich device data for every Google-certified device. If you’re having issues using the Play Console, we’re here to help. Faster and lighter mobile web pages for Indonesia ; #MobileMadness: a campaign to help you go mobile-friendly; FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update ; Better presentation of URLs in search results; Drive … Google Play Console (AKA Developer Console) general overview. Choose a … Using the API. Apps, Games, & Insights Podcast: New episodes now available The new series brings the latest stories, insights and discussion … On the left menu, select Permissions. In the console you can manage Action registration, deployment, configuration, and analytics. Follow @GooglePlayDev for news and support, Read articles and industry thoughts from the Play team, Message @GooglePlayDev for developer support. Your app rating is a reflection of how users respond to your app. Contact us via the help center. Google Play Developer Console enables developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly to users of Android-compatible phones. Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are communities of developers who are interested in Google's developer technology products and platforms. Quickly find and check the health of all your cloud resources in one place, including virtual machines, network settings, … After … See how your replies affect your app's ratings. Project settings: Project information, developer event invite codes, and language options. Use our platform to help grow your business globally, Experiment and test to optimize what you need for launch and beyond, Tap into rich information and actionable insights to make better decisions, The Publishing overview page helps you better understand your publishing process while Managed publishing gives you more control over when your app updates go live, Make the most of your pre-launch period to test and gather feedback, then monitor your performance post release, Spot issues such as app stability and performance before they affect your users, Monitor and improve the technical quality of your app or game, Make your launch a success with tools to help you publish, manage, and distribute your app worldwide, Make a great first impression on potential users with a strong Play store listing, Monitor your builds to manage your releases at every stage of the process, Accelerate your user growth with our reporting and optimization tools, including unique market insights exclusive to Google Play, Track acquisition trends and see which sources are driving the highest quality impressions, Query, explore, and compare exclusive metrics about your app from across Play Console, Create a revenue stream by launching a paid app or offering digital content or subscriptions, Grow your revenue with subscriptions and let Play take care of payment, notifications, and subscription management, Grow your revenue by selling products within your app using Google Play Billing, Keep users coming back for more with our engagement tools and insights. Find out more about your players, where they come from, how they progress through your game, purchase in-app products, and more. Google Play Developer API: See fine-grained details about each subscription, such as expiration date, payment status, cancellation reason, and more. See the results of automated tests on your alpha and beta APKs run on popular, physical devices powered by Firebase Test Lab. In the console you can manage Action registration, deployment, configuration, and analytics. Release updated apps and games to progressively larger percentages of your users so that you can catch missed issues. Physical address. Features. Adding collaborators To add collaborators to a project, click on the more more_vert icon, then Manage user access . The Actions console is the web-based tool used for developing Actions. For backward compatibility reasons, developers should also continue to sign with APK Signature Scheme v1. When you’re ready to grow your audience and earn more revenue, the Play Console has tools to help. To publish your apps and games on Google Play, use the Google Play Console. You’ll receive a notification on your app's Dashboard about how long this should … Non-SDK interface restriction. The new Google Play Console helps you work faster and more efficiently, with features to help you grow your business. See metrics in the areas of stability, render time, battery use, startup times, and permissions. Top questions about Admin If you’re having issues using the Play Console, we’re here to help. Acceder Más información. Reach and engage with people using Android devices around the world. Publica apps y juegos con Google Play Console y haz crecer a tu empresa en Google Play. To access the API, you'll need to: Set up a new or … Get the latest updates, developer … To sell paid apps and in-app purchases on Google Play, you must also set up a profile in the … Understand Google Play’s developer policies and deliver trusted apps to a global audience. by using the Google developers console). Featured. Google Cloud Platform provides a collection of tools and libraries that help you develop quicker and enhance developer productivity. Alternatively, you can click 'Switch to old console' under the the three-dot menu (right side of the toolbar), then … Transformative know-how. The Google Play Console is the back-end interface that Android developers and publishers can use to upload new apps, manage existing ones, and monitor performance. This may result in review times of up to seven days or longer in exceptional cases. User must have permission to access the Google Developers Console project for this game (see below) Access to Google Play game services financial data; User must have both the View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses permission and View financial data permissions; If the game is linked to multiple Android apps, a user only needs the View financial data permission for one linked app. Real-time developer notifications: Receive notifications as soon as a subscriber's state changes. The new Google Play Console helps you work faster and more efficiently, with features to help you grow your business. Reply to reviews to engage with your users. When you have specific account, publication, or transaction issues, you can contact our support team for help. Optimize your publishing process and get more control over when your app updates go live with our newest features. A GDG can take many forms—from just a few people getting together, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to events like code sprints and hackathons. ... We do not allow apps or developer accounts that: Once you've paid your Google Play developer account registration fee, you'll receive a confirmation email. The Google Play Console has tools to help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your game. You can see your app's latest publishing status under the title and package name when you select the app in the Play Console. If you can't find your confirmation email, make sure you're signed in to the same account used when you created your Google Play developer account. Create App campaigns to drive valuable app installs from Google Search, Play Store Search and recommendations, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. Logging: All Platform Audit, plus the first 50 GiB per project; Monitoring data: All platform metrics for all GCP services, plus the first 150 MiB per billing account for chargeable metrics Monitoring API calls: First 1 million API calls per … Google Play Console (AKA Developer Console) general overview. Improve your current game or get tips and best practices for your next launch on Google Play. Learn how to test and gather user feedback before you launch, how to monitor and improve the performance of your game and acquisition channels, and more.

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