The great thing about this deck, and one of the things that really gives it a lot of strength, is how well it can grind out in the same way as Kiki-Chord, by fetching what it needs, playing around removal as best it can and simply building a board of 2 and 3 power creatures which, with the aid of a Gavony Township, Anafenza or Voice, will eventually be able to just swing for the win; and all the while you’re afraid of the combo, so you don’t want to use your removal unless forced. This is the penultimate in my “top 5” Modern article series, and the last one will be a little bit special – so keep an eye out for it! What I do want to talk about is which cards AREN'T on the list. War of the Spark looks to be making a fantastic impact in its first week. This combo has gone by a lot of different names and featured in many different decks over the years. The combo, like Grishoalbrand, is based on drawing your entire deck. Therefore, although I am aware Storm is a viable Modern deck, I believe that it belongs here in its strongest forms, among the best decks of history. When Extended became Modern, it was one of the first things put straight onto the ban list, cemented with the release of Gatecrash and another way to break the card. Outside of Tron, I predict that Karn will appear in Prison strategies such as Four-Color Whir or even Big Red Prison. Infect is a straight-up busted Modern deck because it is so fast but also has a ton of play to it. Each time it has risen again, worse than before but never quite gone. Then, they use Griselbrand’s activated ability along with the Nourishing Shoals to sustain it, and draw as many cards as they can without dying (bear in mind, Griselbrand has haste, so he can swing and attack to gain 7 more that turn, if done precombat). The deck also ran Pact of Negation and Slaughter Pact, to clear out potential blockers or blank removal of the Infect threat, as well as hand disruption spells to ensure the coast was clear. Even with chump blockers, they will never get far enough ahead on the board to be able to think about winning without removing your token. Then, you use the mana to cast cantrips, either free ones like Gitaxian Probe or cheap ones like Serum Visions and Sleight of Hand, the generated mana turned blue with Manamorphose. Despite its potency in the early turns, Neoform Combo is very weak to any kind of disruption such as Thoughtseize and leans on the London Mulligan for consistency. The reason that it is at number five is that despite its blistering speed and power, it’s very all-in. While I wouldn't expect this to take the Pro Tour by storm, it certainly is a fun combo to play and show off and could be a lot of fun to build up and play at your local FNM. Storm is a difficult deck to discuss, as it’s more of a concept than a set of individual cards. This oft-played Legacy combo revolves around the card Dark Depths. However, despite the necessity of so many moving parts, the deck was actually incredibly consistent, due to the sheer volume of redundant cards. It makes it a little easier to disrupt, and allows for several angles of attack which can shut it down. Exarch taps to create a copy of itself, the copy enters the battlefield, triggers and untaps the original, and the loop is repeated until the controller has X tokens, where X is any number he or she desires. Gavony Township can be a trump card in these sorts of situations. Altering Magic: The Gathering Cards: A brief guide to the materials and the methods used Consider this Neoform Combo deck: The deck uses Neoform or Eldritch Evolution to convert Allosaurus Rider into Griselbrand. The two-card combo could even prove to be an alternate win condition package for blue control decks to include in their 75. If you’re thinking that this combo has a lot of moving pieces and seems very long-winded, you’d be completely correct.

modern combo decks

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