Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Watertown, MA 02472, FAQAboutContact Perkins eLearningVisit, Sign up for email updates Subscribe Follow Us,,, Solve simple algebraic equations with one variable using addition and subtraction, Four Quadrant Graph Paper - Bold lined or raised, Markers, dots, tape to connect dots, straight edge, Comparing Cell Phone Plans - Instruction sheet, Sprint Wireless Website with Plan Details, TMobile Wireless Website with Plan Details, Review Vocabulary: Linear equation, variable (some number). To determine the range of “small”, “medium” and “large” numbers of text messages, we need to find the $t$-coordinate of the intersection points of the graphs. V. OBJECTIVES: • Students will use their knowledge of linear systems to determine the most cost efficient scooter rental plan for their families. We can write the total cost per month as $$y = 29.95 + 0.10t$$ Once the student is confident, have him/her complete the task using the students media of choice. About this resource. Therefore, we can find a linear equation for each plan relating $y$, the total monthly cost in dollars, to $t$, the number of text messages sent. I plan this Practice warm-up as a follow up from the previous day's lesson to have students successfully use the Substitution Method to solve a system of equations during this lesson. In addition, each text message costs 5 cent or \$0.05. Preview and details Files included (1) doc, 257 KB. Document all work done. In each case the basic fee is the vertical intercept, since it indicates the cost of a plan even if no text messages are being sent. The project is so simple - students plant seeds, grow grass, measure, plot growth, find lines of fit - but the learning opportunities stretch the project so much farther. At an intersection point of two lines, the two plans charge the same amount for the same number of text messages. They will write and solve systems graphically and alg 5 - Linear Systems Interactive Notebook Unit - If you want an entire interactive notebook unit for systems of equations, look no further. Plan A has a basic fee of \$29.95 even if no text messages are sent. Use your knowledge of solutions of systems of linear equations to solve a real world problem you might have already been faced with: Choosing the best cell phone plan. Then write a system of linear equations for the two plans and create a graph. Graph the results of the monthly costs with the number of text messages on the x axis and monthly costs on the y axis. Creative Commons We conclude that Plan A is the cheapest for customers sending 0 to 400 text messages per month, Plan C is cheapest for customers sending between 400 and 805 text messages per month and plan B is cheapest for customers sending more than 805 text messages per month. The students will choose two companies, choose two similar plans, choose variables (this may vary, so This linear equations project was one of my favorite things about teaching Algebra. Two cars, comparing the base price (the cost of the car) and the cost of driving the car. Remember, when solving a system of linear equations, we are looking for points the two lines have in common. Info. Cell phone plans comparing monthly fee and price per text message. Preview. The two situations are: 1. Cell phone plans comparing monthly fee and price per text message. In mathematics, a system of linear equations (or linear system) is a collection of one or more linear equations involving the same set of variables. The project idea is that the students are helping the PTA be educated on how to select the best cell phone plan. In addition, each text message costs 10 cent or \$0.10. (The lines are parallel.) This task presents a real-world problem requiring the students to write linear equations to model different cell phone plans. Use the methods we have been studying to determine which plan is better based on the number of nights you decide to stay if you had $1500 to spend for this vacation. Choosing a cell phone plan using linear equations perkins system of project with rubric ex compare plans write to model and data usage fill find equation systems problem in real life their solutions math vacation dear inequalities word problems harder Choosing A Cell Phone Plan Using Linear Equations Perkins System Of Equations Project Cell Phone With Rubric Ex… Read More » Students find the best cell phone plan given different customers by exploring several cell phone companies and their options. The graph for the Plan B equation is a constant line at $y=90.20$. Created: Jul 28, 2015. Review with student the question:  A cell phone plan costs $45.00 per month with the cost for texting an added $0.25 per text. When is Company T a better Value? Your job is to prepare a summary that compares two of your company’s calling plans to help an FSI staff member (Mr.Byan) decide which plan is best for him. In this project your group will be choosing between two real life situations and then using systems of linear equations to decide what to buy. Students write and graph systems of linear equations modeling their data and present their findings via graphing and a written statement explaining to their customer which plan they should choose and why. Systems of Equations and Inequalities You are a team of nutrition counselors working for a major hospital. Building Systems of Linear Models. This presentation provides students with opportunities to engage, explore, apply, and connect the algebraic concept of systems of linear equations by using cell phone plans. Engage your students with effective distance learning resources. So check out these 15 systems of equations activities that will help students understand and practice finding the solution to two linear equations. In addition, each text message costs 10 cent or \$0.10. For example, + − = − + = − − + − = is a system of three equations in the three variables x, y, z.A solution to a linear system is an assignment of values to the variables such that all the equations are simultaneously satisfied. They identify the necessary information, represent problems mathematically, making correct use of symbols, words, diagrams, tables and graphs. A system of linear equations is a set of two or more linear equations with the same variables. Cell Phone Plans System of Equations Project. _____ Graphing calculators will be used both as a primary tool in solving problems and to verify algebraic solutions. We can write the total cost per month as $$y = 29.95 + 0.10t$$, Plan B has a basic fee of \$90.20 even if no text messages are sent. The same type of analysis can be done for cable services, bundled or unbundled, streaming services, group dinners or rental costs. 175 North Beacon Street The coordinates of these points correspond to the exact number of text messages for which two plans charge the same amount. For example, the sets in the image below are systems of linear equations. Solve linear … Two cars comparing the base price (the cost of the car) and the cost of driving the car. Since Mr. Byan is tech savvy and a When the student is confident in the ability to write the linear equation have the student calculate the monthly cost if 100, 200 and 300 text messages are sent. 2. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To visually compare the three plans, we graph the three linear equations. to solve equations and inequalities. The students are required to find the solution algebraically to complete the task. to find the solution to the written system. Students analyze a cell phone bill to create a linear equation of how to calculate the bill. And he have to stick to a strict budget and plan to spend no more than $40 Project Mission Systems of Finally, each text message with Plan A costs more than with Plan B, therefore, the slope of the line for Plan A is larger than the slope of the line for Plan B. Systems of Linear Equations- Cell Phone Plans (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Typically, there are three types of answers possible, as shown in Figure \(\PageIndex{6}\). You are a representative for a cell phone company and it is your job to promote different cell phone plans. To solve the system of equations, you need to find the exact values of x and y that will solve both equations. The second plan has a $30 sign-up fee and costs $25 per month. Skip to section navigation, Teaching Science to Young Children With Visual Impairments. Prepare a written plan for the doctors suggesting nutrition requirements that should be included in the diets for patients with a specific illness. In order to complete this project, start by selecting one of the situations below: Cell Phone Plan: Your parents have decided that you should pay By determining the intersection point of two plans, students can make informed decisions.

system of linear equations project cell phone plan

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