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Change is the only constant, and our bingo card generator isn't exempt. Dive into our changelog to see how we're evolving to serve you better.

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Bug fixes & minor enhancements

Hot on the heels of our groundbreaking Bingo Card Creator 3.0 release, we're back with a fresh set of updates to make your bingo-creating process even smoother and your game nights even more memorable. Just a week after unveiling 3.0, we're thrilled to introduce enhancements that address some pesky bugs, improve the overall user experience, and add a sprinkle of creativity to your bingo cards.

Our team has been listening to your feedback and working tirelessly to bring these improvements to life. So, without further ado, let's unveil what's new!

Latest improvements:

  • Streamlined word addition: We've revamped the experience of adding words to your bingo cards. Now, compiling your list of bingo terms is a breeze, making it faster than ever to create custom games tailored to your event or lesson plan.
  • AI generator overhaul: Our AI generator has undergone a major facelift, complete with examples of prompts you can use to inspire your bingo card creation. Whether you're crafting educational content or organizing a themed party, our AI is here to spark your imagination.
  • Manual mode enhancement: When you select 'Start game' in manual mode for online play, the first call is automatically made for you.
  • Caller card titles: Card titles now display on the caller card when printing. This small but mighty addition is incredibly useful for distinguishing between different games or rounds, especially when you're juggling multiple sets of cards.

Bug fixes:

  • We've eradicated a pesky bug that prevented cards with "" in the text from updating correctly.
  • A fix has been applied to address the issue of long card text overflowing the square due to certain special characters. Your card content will now fit perfectly within its designated space.
  • Some users were having issues signing up if they created an account on our old version, but never signed up to a plan.
Introducing Bingo Card Creator 3.0

Introducing Bingo Card Creator 3.0

Welcome to Bingo Card Creator 3.0, where we're elevating your bingo experience with exciting new features and enhancements. Whether you're hosting a family game night or a large online event, these updates are designed to make your bingo games more engaging and personalized.

We've been working hard on this release for the past 6 months, so we're very excited to get all these new features in your hands.

Let's dive into the latest additions!

Card features

  • New combo card type: Blend images and words on the same card, perfect for educational games where combining visual cues with vocabulary can aid learning, or for themed parties where matching images with related words adds an extra layer of fun.
  • Image captions: Enhance your images with captions. This is especially useful for educational purposes, like language learning games, where an image of an apple can be accompanied by the word "Apple" in different languages.
  • Full traditional bingo support: We now support 30/80/75/90 ball bingo, offering more variety to match the preferences of different bingo communities around the world.
  • Human bingo support: Ideal for icebreakers or team-building events, human bingo encourages interaction and fun.
  • Customizable card header: Place a logo or image in the card header, or choose to hide the title completely for a sleek look.
  • Free space image option: Personalize the free space area with an image instead of just text.
  • Column header toggle: Customize the display of card column headers and change the letters as you wish.
  • Footer text: Add a personal message or instructions below the card grid.
  • AI-powered word lists: Generate word lists effortlessly, ideal for creating diverse and interesting bingo games without the hassle.
  • Template access: Browse and apply any of our 1500+ templates directly from the generator page.
  • New styles: Change your card's appearance without altering its content or setup using our new style options.

Card styles

  • Grid shape options: Choose between squares or circles for your card grid.
  • Column styles: For square cards, opt for either rounded or square columns.
  • Multicolored backgrounds: Add vibrancy with alternating colors for each square or circle.
  • Adjustable grid spacing: Tailor the spacing between grid elements to your liking.
  • Customizable borders: Configure border thickness for a distinct look.
  • Card shapes: Choose between square or rounded card shapes and add borders.
  • Expanded font choices: Select from a larger variety of fonts for added flair.
  • Title and footer alignment: Align card titles and footers to the left or right, offering more design flexibility.


  • Revamped printing UI: Enjoy a smoother printing process with a completely updated user interface.
  • Print preview: Get a sneak peek of your printouts with our new preview feature.
  • PDF option: We now provide a PDF for printing or sharing, offering more convenience.
  • Print layout choices: Select from 1/2/4 cards per page to suit your needs.
  • Customizable margins: Adjust the spacing and margins of your card for a perfect print.
  • Caller card option: Including a caller card is now optional, helping you save paper.
  • Card numbering: Optionally add a sequence of numbers to each card for easy tracking.
  • QR code feature: Add a QR code for a seamless transition between in-person and online play.

Online play

  • Varied game modes: Choose from manual, automatic, or no-call modes. This flexibility is perfect for various settings - manual calling for traditional play, automatic for large online events where managing calls can be challenging, and no-call mode for settings where players prefer to mark their cards at their own pace, like in educational contexts.
  • Enhanced UI and infrastructure: Enjoy a new look and feel with our updated UI, capable of supporting more players online.
  • Social media sharing: Share games directly on social media, inviting friends and followers to join in.
  • Call display options: Configure how previous calls are shown to players.
  • Audible callers: Select from various voices for audible calls, enhancing the online experience.
  • Custom winning patterns: Set preset patterns or create your own, and display these to players.
  • Auto-win feature: Enable automatic verification for hassle-free gameplay.
  • Customizable dauber styles and UI themes: Personalize your game with different dauber styles and UI themes.

Other enhancements

  • Website overhaul: Experience a completely redone site, including the support section and templates area.
  • New changelog area: Stay up-to-date with all our latest changes and enhancements.
  • Duplicate cards: From your dashboard area, you can now duplicate cards.

Explore these new features now and let the fun begin!

Bold fonts

Bold fonts

Now you can bold the fonts in your bingo squares! This new feature enhances the readability and visual appeal of your cards, making it easier for players to spot and mark their numbers or words. Whether you're creating cards for a lively family game night or an educational classroom activity, these bold fonts add that extra oomph to your bingo experience.

2.1 bug fixes

Following the splash of our major 2.0 release, we've been listening to your feedback and fine-tuning our features. We're excited to share a handful of key improvements and bug fixes that we've rolled out to enhance your bingo card creating experience. Let's take a look at what's new and improved!


  • Fixed limit game length: The issue with the 'Limit Game Length' feature not working as expected has been resolved. Now, your bingo games will maintain the intended duration.
  • Enhanced caching for faster loading: Pages on Bingo Card Creator should now load much quicker, thanks to improved caching.
  • Correct column grouping for traditional bingo: The 1-75 traditional bingo card type has been updated for accurate number grouping. Numbers will now appear in the correct columns (1-15 in the first column, 16-30 in the second, etc.).
  • Emoji cards compatibility: The issue with emoji card types not working properly with traditional randomization has been fixed.
  • Optimized text resizing on print outs: We've improved the text resizing on card printouts to prevent overflowing of text in the squares.
  • Removed hyphenated word wrapping: To improve legibility, we have removed word wrapping with hyphens. Text will now be resized in the square to fit.
  • Streamlined card duplication process: The card duplication flow has been improved. Now, duplicating a template and registering will take you directly to the generator page, bypassing the dashboard.

Remember, your feedback helps us make Bingo Card Creator better for everyone. Thank you to all of those who have emailed in with requests.

The big 2.0 release

The big 2.0 release

Hey there, Bingo enthusiasts! Get ready to experience the classic game like never before with our newly revamped Bingo Card Creator. We've been busy bees, sprucing up our web application to bring you a blend of fun and functionality that's just right. Let's dive into what's new and exciting!

Sleek new editor

Bingo Card Generator Dashboard
  • Ease of use: Our editor has been streamlined for simplicity and ease, making your card creation process a breeze.
  • Word generator: Need a creative nudge? Our word generator is here to spark your imagination.
  • Customizable flair: Play around with fonts, colors, and background images to create cards that reflect your style.
  • Randomization options: Choose from traditional or new methods to randomize your cards, adding a twist to each game.
  • Classic meets modern: Enjoy a range of templates that cater to both traditional bingo lovers and those seeking a modern twist.
  • Drag and Drop: Adding images to your cards is now a simple drag-and-drop affair.
  • 1-75 traditional bingo: The classic game format is fully supported for purists.

Online play

  • Link sharing: Remote play is now simpler with easy link sharing. Bring your friends or colleagues together online for a game of bingo.
  • Card validation: Fair play is key, and our new validation feature helps ensure just that.
  • Increased player support: We've upped our game to support up to 250 players for larger groups.
  • Name tracking: Keep track of all your players with our enhanced player tracking system.

Other features

  • Redesigned dashboard: A new dashboard layout makes managing your account and cards straightforward and intuitive.
  • Subscription choices: Explore our various subscription options, including a new 7-day trial plan, to find what suits you best.