90s Trends bingo card

    Take a trip down memory lane with our 90s Trends bingo card template! From grunge to boy bands, relive the fashion, music, and pop culture that defined the decade.
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    90s Trends bingo card

    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 31 items related to 90s Trends. Here is the complete list:

    • Grunge
    • Nirvana
    • Flannel
    • Doc Martens
    • Chokers
    • Scrunchies
    • Baggy jeans
    • Oversized shirts
    • Platform shoes
    • Fanny packs
    • Discman
    • Pogs
    • Beanie babies
    • Tamagotchi
    • Rollerblades
    • JNCO jeans
    • Butterfly clips
    • Spice Girls
    • Snap bracelets
    • Game Boy
    • VHS tapes
    • AOL
    • Dial-up internet
    • Frosted tips
    • Boy bands
    • Hip-hop fashion
    • Cargo pants
    • Pop culture
    • MTV
    • Skateboarding
    • Zebra print
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