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Super Bowl commercial bingo

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Elevate your Super Bowl viewing experience with our custom Super Bowl commercial bingo cards. Engage in friendly competition while enjoying the game’s most memorable advertisements. Fun, interactive, and easy to use!


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Items in this card

  • Celebrity cameo that seems out of place
  • Talking animals selling car insurance
  • Overly dramatic voiceover for a snack food
  • Ridiculously epic music for a mundane product
  • A commercial that makes you cry—then it's for soda
  • Inadvertently hilarious local service ads
  • Mascots attempting extreme sports
  • A beer ad where everyone inexplicably speaks in rhyme
  • Parody of a famous movie scene to sell fast food
  • The token "cute kid" moment in a tech ad
  • Someone getting hit in the face with something unexpected
  • Random dance break featuring office workers
  • Ad becomes a meme before the first quarter ends
  • Surprise reunion of a 90s boy band for a chip commercial
  • Satirical take on other commercials' tropes
  • Outrageously exaggerated claims of a product’s efficacy
  • Villains from different movies teaming up to sell ice cream
  • Awkward attempt at internet slang by a corporate brand
  • Superhero saving the day, but it's just for a tax service
  • Ad where the product is unclear until the final second
  • Spoof of a viral video for a household cleaning product
  • Commercial where animals act like humans at a party
  • A fake movie trailer that ends up being for a soft drink
  • Tech company attempting to be “hip” with outdated references
  • An ad so bizarre, it sparks social media conspiracy theories

More about this bingo card

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo turns one of the biggest sporting events of the year into an even more exciting spectacle! This game is perfect for ad enthusiasts, football fans, and anyone who loves the creative and often humorous world of Super Bowl commercials. By focusing on common tropes and themes, players can enjoy a playful and interactive way to engage with the commercials. So, gather your friends and family, get your bingo cards ready, and add a fun twist to your Super Bowl party!

How to play Super Bowl commercial bingo

Party time: The commercial showdown

  • Kickoff setup: Distribute bingo cards featuring common Super Bowl ad tropes like 'Celebrity Endorsement,' 'Talking Animals,' 'Sentimental Story,' 'Car Commercial,' or 'Unexpected Humor.'
  • Ad-spotting fun: As you watch the game and commercials, mark off the tropes you spot on your cards.
  • Bingo touchdown: The first person to spot a row of ad tropes shouts "Bingo!" and could win a fun party prize or the honor of picking the next game-day snack.

Virtual viewing: The online ad-venture

  • Digital game day: Share digital bingo cards for those hosting or attending virtual Super Bowl parties.
  • Streaming the spectacle: Mark off ad tropes as you watch the commercials through a live stream or during a virtual watch party.
  • Cyber commercial champion: Celebrate the bingo winner with a virtual high-five or an online shoutout.

Ad analysis: The marketer's match

  • Marketing mavens meetup: Use Super Bowl Commercial Bingo as a fun activity for marketing students or professionals.
  • Analyzing the ads: Discuss the effectiveness, creativity, and impact of each commercial as you mark them off on your bingo cards.
  • Strategic prize: Reward the bingo winner with a marketing book, a magazine subscription, or a special guest lecture spot in a marketing class.

Super Bowl commercial bingo cards

Creating your Super Bowl Commercial Bingo cards can be both fun and insightful. Here are some steps to make your cards:

  • Selecting tropes: Choose a mix of common and unique Super Bowl commercial tropes for your bingo cards.
  • Designing the cards: Use online tools or apps to design your bingo cards (like ours!), adding a football or commercial theme to the layout.
  • Printing or sharing: Decide whether to print physical cards for an in-person party or create digital versions for online events.

Enhancing your Super Bowl experience

Pre-game preparation

  • Set the scene: Decorate your viewing area with football-themed decor and prepare snacks that are easy to eat while watching the game and commercials.
  • Explain the rules: Make sure everyone understands how to play Super Bowl Commercial Bingo and what counts as a trope.

During the game

  • Stay engaged: he energy high by actively spotting tropes and discussing the commercials.
  • Update the score: Keep track of who's leading in Bingo and announce updates during commercial breaks.

Post-game fun

  • Discuss highlights: After the game, talk about your favorite commercials and why they stood out.
  • Plan for next year: Reflect on what worked well for your bingo game and what you might change for next year's Super Bowl.

Ready for the ad action?

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo is more than just a game; it's a unique way to engage with one of the biggest advertising spectacles of the year. It adds an extra layer of fun and conversation to your Super Bowl party. So, get your bingo cards, tune in to the game, and let's enjoy the creativity and excitement of Super Bowl commercials!

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