Classmate bingo card

    Looking for a fun way to get to know your classmates? Try our Classmate bingo template! Discover who's a good listener, a problem solver, or even a dreamer!
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    Classmate bingo card

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    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 30 items related to classmate. Here is the complete list:

    • Is a friend
    • Is a student
    • Is a helper
    • Is a reader
    • Is a sharer
    • Is a listener
    • Is a player
    • Is a leader
    • Is a learner
    • Is a teammate
    • Is a smiler
    • Is a kind person
    • Is a helper
    • Is a good sport
    • Is a problem solver
    • Is a builder
    • Is a creative
    • Is a dreamer
    • Is a helper
    • Is a curious mind
    • Is a team player
    • Is a good friend
    • Is a role model
    • Is a peacemaker
    • Is a hard worker
    • Is a respectful person
    • Is a good listener
    • Is a responsible person
    • Is a positive thinker
    • Is a caring friend

    More about this bingo card

    Hey, teachers! Want to bring the magic back to your classroom introductions? Tired of the same old "name, age, favorite color" routine? Get ready to elevate your game—literally—with Classmate Bingo. Trust us, this isn't your grandma's bingo (unless she was an ultra-cool educator, too).

    Report Card: What Makes Classmate Bingo a Star Pupil?

    Classmate Bingo is your interactive yearbook for the first week of school. Each square contains a unique characteristic or interest—say, "loves to read" or "plays a musical instrument." It's the perfect tool for students to not just learn names, but to really get to know their peers.

    kids sitting on chairs in classroom

    🍏 Teacher's Top Tip

    Sneak in a lesson on descriptive adjectives or conversational skills as students navigate the bingo grid. Education and fun? A+!

    The Syllabus: Four Lesson Plans for Classmate Bingo

    Yup, you read that right. We've prepared four creative ways to adapt Classmate Bingo into your curriculum. Choose one or mix and match to suit your students' needs.

    Lesson 1: The Interview

    1. Reporter's Notebook: Students act as journalists, interviewing each other to fill out their bingo cards.
    2. Follow-Up: Class discussion on interesting facts learned during the interviews.

    Lesson 2: The Scavenger Hunt

    1. Treasure Map: Turn the classroom into an exploration zone. Each student has a clue corresponding to a bingo square.
    2. Field Notes: As students solve clues and find their peers, they mark off the relevant squares.

    Lesson 3: The Speed Round

    1. Clock's Ticking: Set a timer for two minutes.
    2. Rapid-Fire Q&A: Students have to find matching classmates before time runs out.

    Lesson 4: The Role-Play

    1. Character Sheet: Students pick a role (historical figure, fictional character, etc.)
    2. Classroom Drama: Students interact as their characters, fitting into relevant bingo squares.

    Why Teachers ❤️ Bingo Card Creator

    • Create-a-Card: Customize everything from grid sizes to the inclusion of emojis or pictures, fitting the game perfectly into your lesson plans.
    • The More, The Merrier: Host a virtual game for remote classrooms or print cards for in-person teaching, with room for up to 500 students.
    • A+ Templates: Choose from our range of educational templates, saving you valuable planning time.

    Final Bell: Class Dismissed (Almost)

    Sure, you could stick with the traditional ways of classroom introductions. But why not kickstart the school year with a game that's as fun as it is educational? With Classmate Bingo and the power of Bingo Card Creator, getting to know your students becomes an activity everyone will look forward to. So, are you ready to earn your spot on the "Best Teacher Ever" leaderboard?

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