Remote Working bingo card

    Work from home? Embrace the chaos with our Remote Working bingo template! From video bombs to tech fails, this card captures all the hilarious moments of virtual meetings. Let the games begin!
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    Remote Working bingo card

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    Our bingo card has 32 items related to remote Working. Here is the complete list:

    • Kid or pet video bomb
    • "Can everyone see my screen?"
    • Wi-Fi drops mid-call
    • "Sorry, I was on mute."
    • Mismatched outfit: Business top, pajama bottoms
    • Unintentional messy background in video call
    • Sound of a flushing toilet
    • Doorbell rings during meeting
    • "Is it Friday already?"
    • Eating during a video call but pretending not to
    • Boss struggles with tech
    • "You're still sharing your screen!"
    • Awkward virtual background choice
    • Spontaneous nap between meetings
    • "Can you email that to me?"
    • Lost connection and reconnects with "Sorry, where were we?"
    • Unexpected appearance of a partner or roommate
    • Mysterious echo in the call
    • Sudden and mysterious background noises
    • "Can everyone mute themselves?"
    • Coffee or tea spill on the work desk
    • Double booked virtual meetings
    • "Sorry, bad internet connection here."
    • Too close to the camera
    • "Next slide, please."
    • Microwave or oven timer goes off
    • Trying to find that one un-muted mic: "Who has the background noise?"
    • Accidentally left video on while multitasking
    • Unscheduled coffee or snack break
    • "I think there's a lag."
    • Forgetting which day of the week it is
    • "Sorry, I thought this was an audio-only call."
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