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Office tropes bingo

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Get ready to play Office Bingo! From meetings to deadlines, this template covers all the workday essentials. Keep an eye out for coffee breaks and conference calls. Good luck!

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Items in this card

  • accidental reply-all email
  • someone's mic isn't working
  • unexpected guest appearance by a pet
  • the printer is jammed again
  • awkward elevator silence
  • "Can you see my screen?" in a video call
  • coffee machine malfunction
  • "Happy Friday!" on a Monday
  • missing the last piece of birthday cake
  • the air conditioning is too cold
  • someone wearing two different socks
  • unintended background noise during a call
  • "Let's circle back" in a meeting
  • finding someone asleep at their desk
  • water cooler gossip session
  • "Is it lunchtime yet?" at 10 am
  • "Sorry, I was on mute"
  • the mysterious disappearance of pens
  • confusion over daylight saving time changes
  • someone forgot their password again
  • impromptu office karaoke session
  • someone's lunch mysteriously vanishes from the fridge
  • a wild chase after a rolling office chair
  • endless search for a meeting room
  • "Dress down Friday" taken too literally
  • holiday decorations still up in February
  • sneaking out early on a Friday unnoticed
  • someone always stealing your favorite mug
  • "Can we take this offline?"
  • team building exercise gone wrong

More about this bingo card

Welcome to office bingo, where the quirks and idiosyncrasies of office life turn into a fun and lighthearted game. Perfect for team-building, office parties, or just breaking the midweek monotony, this game is all about finding humor in our everyday workplace scenarios.

How to play office bingo

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The daily grind edition

  1. Prepare your cards: Create bingo cards with common office occurrences like "someone reheats fish in the microwave" or "accidental reply-all email".
  2. Day-to-day gameplay: As you go about your workday, mark off any office tropes you witness.
  3. Bingo bragging rights: The first to spot a row of these office moments and call "Bingo!" wins the glory—and maybe the right to choose the next team lunch spot.

Virtual office version

  1. Digital cards for remote teams: Share bingo cards with your remote colleagues.
  2. Spot and share: Use your team's communication platform to mark off and share when you witness an item from your card.
  3. Online office champion: The first remote worker to complete their card wins, perhaps earning a virtual trophy or a digital gift card.

Weekly team meeting fun

  1. Meeting-specific cards: Tailor your bingo cards to things often heard or seen in team meetings, like "someone's mic isn't working" or "unexpected guest appearance by a pet".
  2. Meeting watch: Keep your bingo card handy during your team meetings.
  3. Meeting master: Turn bingo wins into a light-hearted part of your weekly team meetings.

The office party game

  1. Party-ready cards: Include fun and harmless items on your bingo cards that are likely to occur at an office party.
  2. Play during the party: Encourage guests to mark off items while mingling and enjoying the festivities.
  3. Party bingo winner: Offer a fun prize or special privilege at work for the first person to get bingo at the party.

💡 Top tip

Remember to keep it fun and friendly. Avoid including items on your bingo cards that could be embarrassing or sensitive for your colleagues.

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Why Bingo Card Creator is your office ally

  • Customized for your crew: Create cards that resonate with your specific office culture and daily experiences.
  • All team sizes welcome: Whether it's a small team or a large corporate event, our platform can handle up to 500 players.
  • Print or play online: Flexible options mean you can play with physical cards in the office or digital cards for remote teams.

Ready for some office fun?

Office bingo is an enjoyable way to acknowledge and laugh at the universal experiences of office life. It's perfect for lightening the mood, enhancing team bonding, and adding a bit of excitement to the workday. So, are you ready to turn those everyday office moments into a game?

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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