Art bingo

Art can be uplifting and inspiring, but teaching art vocabulary sometimes gets a little bit dull. One way to get students excited about learning art vocabulary is to review them by playing a game of bingo. You can describe or show elements of a work of art and have the students pick the appropriate word on their bingo cards. See our pre-made cards below or create your own.

Playing art bingo

Art bingo takes the classic bingo framework and infuses it with a dash of artistic flair. Instead of numbers on the bingo cards, you’ll find images of famous artworks, artistic elements, or symbols representing various art movements. It’s a brilliant way to introduce players to the diverse world of art, from Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary installations, all while fostering a fun and competitive atmosphere.

three silver paint brushes on white textile

Setting up art bingo

Before you can shout “Bingo!” with the enthusiasm of a true art connoisseur, there’s a bit of setup involved. But fret not, for it’s as easy as piecing together a simple collage.

  • Create your art bingo cards: Utilize our bingo card creator to craft custom bingo cards filled with art pieces you’d like to feature. You can customize these cards to fit any theme, whether it’s specific artists, time periods, or art movements. Thanks to customizable options and the ability to create unlimited cards, everyone in your group can have a unique card.
  • Select the art pieces: Decide on the artworks or artistic elements you want to include. This can range from famous paintings and sculptures to elements like brush strokes, color theory, or even art materials. The diversity in selection makes each game an educational journey.
  • Prepare your calling deck: This can be a separate set of smaller images, descriptions of art pieces, or even interesting facts about the artworks. Drawing from this deck will keep players on their toes as they match the call-out to their bingo cards.

Playing art bingo: Creative twists

Now, for the pièce de résistance, let’s explore some imaginative ways to play art bingo that will keep everyone engaged and learning.

  • Art history bingo: Focus on artworks from different historical periods. Each call-out can include a brief history or fun fact about the piece, making it a learning experience as well as a game.
  • Artist spotlight bingo: Choose a specific artist and use their works for the bingo cards. This version can deepen appreciation and understanding of the artist’s style and themes.
  • Art elements and principles bingo: Create cards that emphasize the elements (line, shape, color, etc.) and principles (balance, contrast, harmony, etc.) of art. This variation is especially great for educational settings, helping students visually connect these concepts to real artworks.
  • Around the world art bingo: Take players on a global tour by featuring art from different countries and cultures. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate diversity in art and learn about various cultural contexts.

Tips for hosting an engaging art bingo game

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush

  1. Introduce the art: Before starting, give a brief overview of the artworks, artists, or themes you’ll be exploring. This sets the stage for a richer gaming experience.
  2. Mix in some trivia: When calling out each piece, include a trivia question or interesting fact. It adds an educational twist and can serve as tie-breakers.
  3. Prizes for winners: Consider offering art-related prizes, like art supply kits, books on art, or tickets to a local museum. It’ll up the ante and motivate players.
  4. Virtual game nights: Remember, with tools like Bingo Card Creator, you can host your art bingo game online, accommodating up to 2000 players. This makes it perfect for virtual classrooms, remote team-building events, or family game nights across distances.


Art bingo is not just a game; it’s an exploration of creativity, history, and culture. By integrating art into the familiar bingo format, players of all ages can enjoy a stimulating and educational experience. Whether you’re aiming to learn, teach, or simply have fun, art bingo offers a canvas on which to paint an unforgettable gaming session. Ready to create your masterpiece? Grab your brush, or in this case, your bingo dauber, and let the game begin!

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