The Blank Custom Bingo Card Template

This basic blank Bingo card template is a great printable that can be used for many purposes such as a spelling or vocabulary word review, math fact practice, or holiday game. Just have the kids write their words, numbers, facts, etc… in the template, one per space. Then play bingo!

Tips and Tricks for Classroom Use

    • Let the kids get creative and choose any space on the card for their Free Space.
    • Copy a class set and leave for emergency sub plans along with a set of words.
    • As a special great, give each child a mini bag of M&Ms or Skittles to use to cover the words as they play. Everyone is a winner when they get to eat them at the end of the game!
    • Use to reinforce word meaning by giving a clue instead of the word. Kids will need to think of which word goes with the clue before they cover it on their card.
  • Save time by using to type your word list or math facts. 3 easy steps and you have the number of bingo cards you need (each one will be different) and a cut-apart call list to boot!
Download basic blank bingo template

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