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Discover a fun, interactive way to connect with new people using our find a friend bingo. This customizable tool transforms networking into an engaging game, perfect for social events or team building activities.
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Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to find a friend who.... Here is the complete list:

  • Has traveled to more than 3 countries
  • Speaks a second language fluently
  • Owns a pet
  • Can play a musical instrument
  • Has run a marathon
  • Loves to cook and can make a dish from scratch
  • Reads more than 10 books a year
  • Has a garden
  • Practices yoga or meditation regularly
  • Is a fan of a sports team
  • Has met someone famous
  • Can solve a Rubik's Cube
  • Volunteers for a charity
  • Has a tattoo
  • Knows how to knit or crochet
  • Enjoys hiking and nature walks
  • Can quote lines from a famous movie or TV show
  • Likes to write poetry or stories
  • Has lived in more than one state or province
  • Collects something unusual
  • Has a black belt in a martial art
  • Plays chess or another strategy game
  • Can do a magic trick
  • Has an unusual talent or party trick
  • Enjoys doing DIY projects or crafts

More about this bingo card

Find a Friend Who Bingo is an ideal icebreaker for social gatherings, team-building events, or classroom settings. This engaging game encourages participants to mingle, learn interesting facts about each other, and break the ice in a fun, interactive way. With each square containing a unique prompt about personal interests, experiences, or talents, it's a delightful way to foster connections and start conversations. Let's dive into how you can use Find a Friend Who Bingo to transform any gathering into an opportunity for making new friends and strengthening bonds!

How to play Find a Friend Who Bingo

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Social gatherings: The mingling mission

  • Setting the social scene: Hand out bingo cards with prompts like 'Find someone who loves to cook,' 'Find a friend who has traveled abroad,' or 'Find someone who speaks more than two languages.'
  • Mix and mingle: Guests move around the room, talking to each other to find friends who match the prompts on their bingo cards.
  • Bingo bonding: The first person to complete a row or pattern shouts "Bingo!" and can share some of the interesting facts they learned about others.

Corporate events: The team-builder

  • Office outing setup: Distribute bingo cards at corporate retreats or team-building events.
  • Professional but personal: Colleagues find out fun and personal facts about each other, marking off squares as they go.
  • Team triumph: Celebrate the winner with a small office perk, like a preferred parking spot for a week or a coffee voucher.

Classroom activity: The student connector

  • Educational icebreaker: Use Find a Friend Who Bingo on the first day of school or during a new semester to help students get to know each other.
  • Learning and laughter: Students find classmates who match the descriptions on their cards, encouraging interaction and conversation.
  • Classroom camaraderie: Reward the bingo winner with a small prize or the honor of being the class assistant for the day.

Additional tips for a successful game

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Tailoring the game

  • Customize the prompts: Adjust the prompts on the bingo cards to suit the age group, interests, and context of your group.
  • Diverse and inclusive: Ensure the prompts are inclusive and accessible to all participants, celebrating the diversity of the group.

Facilitating connections

  • Encourage open conversations: Remind participants that the goal is to learn about each other, not just to win the game.
  • Provide conversation starters: Offer ideas on how to initiate conversations and encourage participants to ask follow-up questions.

Adapting the game to different settings

  • Large groups: In larger gatherings, consider having multiple winners to keep the game inclusive and engaging.
  • Virtual adaptation: For online events, use digital bingo cards and breakout rooms to facilitate interactions.
three person holding mug and glass with beverage inside

Ready to make new friends?

Find a Friend Who Bingo is more than just an icebreaker; it's a gateway to building new relationships and fostering a sense of community. Whether in a social setting, a corporate environment, or a classroom, it's a dynamic and enjoyable way to encourage people to connect and learn about one another. So, let's start the conversations, fill those bingo cards, and turn a simple game into lasting friendships! 🤝🌟🎉💬

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Find a friend who... bingo card

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