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Find someone who… bingo

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Foster connections and ignite conversations with a card that encourages players to discover commonalities and unique experiences among themselves.

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Items in this card

  • Has traveled to more than 3 countries
  • Can speak a second language fluently
  • Loves to cook and can make a dish from another culture
  • Has run a marathon or completed a similar endurance event
  • Plays a musical instrument
  • Has a pet with a unique name
  • Practices yoga or meditation regularly
  • Can tell a joke that makes everyone laugh
  • Enjoys gardening and has a green thumb
  • Has read more than 10 books this year
  • Is an avid bird watcher or wildlife enthusiast
  • Knows how to knit, crochet, or do some other craft
  • Has met a celebrity in person
  • Can juggle or perform a magic trick
  • Volunteers for a local charity or organization
  • Has an unusual collection, like rare stamps or vintage toys
  • Can recite a poem from memory
  • Has a hidden talent most people don’t know about
  • Enjoys star gazing and knows constellations
  • Has lived in a different city for more than a year
  • Is a master at puzzles and brain teasers
  • Owns a business or has a side hustle
  • Can play chess and knows strategies
  • Has participated in a flash mob or public performance
  • Enjoys extreme sports or has done bungee jumping or skydiving

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