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Explore the wonders of science with science bingo templates. Use our card generator to create and download customized, printable bingo cards on topics like biology, chemistry, and physics. Ideal for classrooms and science enthusiasts, you can also host online games for up to 2000 participants, making science learning engaging.

More about Science bingo

So, you’ve navigated your way to the science bingo cards category, eh? Brilliant! You’re about to unlock a Pandora’s box of educational excitement that even Schrödinger’s cat would be curious about. Perfect for the classroom, the living room, or even the lab, Science Bingo is where education and entertainment undergo a chemical reaction. Let’s dissect this, shall we?

The DNA of Science bingo

No numbers. No “B-9” or “G-47” here. In science Bingo, the game squares are filled with intriguing scientific concepts, terms, or illustrations. It’s like a pop quiz and a game had a baby—and it’s way more fun than either.

The many states of Science bingo

This game comes in many exciting ‘states’ or variations:

  • Food chain bingo: Players must complete a chain from producer to apex predator.
  • Scientific method bingo: Actions like “Form a Hypothesis” or “Analyze Data” populate the squares.
  • Historical figures in Science: Think Newton, Einstein, and Curie, oh my!

Top tip 💡

Running a game with science rookies and Einsteins in the same room? Use our emoji support to add visual hints next to tougher terms.

Instruction manual: How to play science bingo

The classroom edition

  1. Pick your template: Find the one that aligns with your curriculum and use customization features to make it class-specific.
  2. Science show & tell: Instead of just calling out terms, make it interactive. Show a picture of a cell, and students must identify it before marking their cards.
  3. Validation: Before shouting “Eureka!” for a Bingo, the student must correctly explain one of the terms in their winning row to the class.

The family fun edition

  1. Choose your template: Opt for a fun, general science theme or something relevant to your kids’ current lessons.
  2. Quest for knowledge: Turn it into a scavenger hunt. Players can only mark off a term if they find an object in the house that relates to it.
  3. Reward learning: How about the winner gets to pick the next science experiment you do at home?

Alternative play styles to boost learning

  • Flashcard bingo: Turn the terms into flashcards. Draw a card, show it, and then ask a question related to it. Players mark off the square if they know the answer.
  • Pair & share: In a classroom, each student explains one term to their partner before they can mark it off. It encourages peer-to-peer learning.


Science bingo is a learning tool with the power of an electromagnet—once you start, it’s hard to pull away. Ready to revolutionize how you teach or learn science? Let the experimenting begin! 🧪🔬

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