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Super Bowl bingo

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Score a touchdown with our Football Super Bowl bingo card. Customize with your favorite team’s names and gear up for the big game.


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Items in this card

  • National Anthem sung well
  • Car commercial
  • Beer commercial
  • Shirtless fan wearing body paint
  • Touchdown dance by player
  • Truck commercial
  • Serious commercial
  • Everyone in the room finds a commercial funny
  • Parent of player is shown in stands
  • Celebrity is shown in stands
  • Security guard
  • Missed field goal
  • Pass interference called
  • Touchdown scored with with 2 minutes until the end of the quarter
  • Coach is yelling
  • Player smacks another players butt
  • Chest bump
  • Insurance commercial
  • Potato chip commercial
  • Travel commercial
  • Cute baby commercial
  • Cute animal commercial
  • Sad commercial
  • Halftime show stunt
  • Fumble
  • Fan wearing crazy wig
  • Interception
  • Baby in the stands
  • Player gives football to fan
  • Player takes selfie with fan
  • Two opposing players give each other a man hug
  • Sportscaster shares story from their glory days

More about this bingo card

Get ready for the ultimate Super Bowl party accessory – Super Bowl Bingo! This game takes every exciting play, halftime show highlight, and even those much-anticipated commercials, turning them into a thrilling competition for you and your guests.

Setting up your Super Bowl Bingo

Classic Game Day

  1. Prepare the Cards: Distribute bingo cards with common Super Bowl moments before kickoff.
  2. Watch and Play: Keep an eye on the game and mark off events as they occur.
  3. Claim Victory: The first to complete a row wins a special Super Bowl-themed prize.
person in blue NBA Dallas Mavericks crew neck shirt sitting while holding bowl with potato chips

Commercial Break Challenge

  1. Focus on Ads: Create cards centered around common themes in Super Bowl commercials.
  2. Ad-Watching Fun: Mark off spots when you spot a trope or brand from your card during the breaks.
  3. Commercial King or Queen: The first to complete their card during the commercials wins.
group of men in red and black jersey shirt standing on green grass field

Halftime Show Bingo

  1. Musical Bingo Cards: Customize your cards for the halftime show, including potential songs, guest appearances, or surprise moments.
  2. Halftime Hustle: Play and mark your card during the performance.
  3. Halftime Hero: Bingo winners during the show get a special shout-out or prize.

Virtual Viewing Party

  1. Share Digital Cards: For those joining remotely, send out digital bingo cards.
  2. Group Interaction: Use a group chat or video call to share your bingo wins and game reactions.

💡 Top tip

Enhance the Super Bowl experience with themed prizes like team merchandise, custom snacks, or a mini trophy for your bingo winners.

Why choose Bingo Card Creator?

  • Tailor-Made for Football Fans: Customize with football-themed backgrounds and fonts.
  • All Fan Sizes Welcome: Our platform is great for small or large groups, supporting up to 500 players.
  • Unlimited Gameplay: Print as many cards as needed for your Super Bowl gathering.

Ready for kickoff?

Super Bowl Bingo is the perfect way to add extra excitement to your game day. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just there for the halftime show, this game brings everyone into the fun. Grab your bingo cards and get ready for a Super Bowl party to remember! 🏈🎉

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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