How to play bingo with words

Picture this: you’re sitting around the table, the excitement is palpable, and it’s not your traditional number bingo night – it’s word bingo! This isn’t just a game; it’s a rollicking journey through a land of words w&#...

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Nov 12, 2023
How to play bingo with words

Picture this: you're sitting around the table, the excitement is palpable, and it's not your traditional number bingo night – it's word bingo! This isn't just a game; it's a rollicking journey through a land of words where each word is a step closer to victory. Let's dive into this delightful twist on a classic game, perfect for word enthusiasts of all ages.

What is word bingo?

Imagine transforming the classic game of bingo, known for its numbered cards and suspense-filled draws, into a vibrant wordplay adventure. That's Word Bingo for you – a delightful twist on how to traditionally play bingo where words become the stars of the show!

The essence of word bingo

At its core, Word Bingo replaces the familiar numbers with words, turning each card into a unique puzzle of vocabulary. This simple switch opens a world of possibilities, making the game not just a matter of chance, but also a fun exercise in language skills. It's like merging a crossword puzzle's charm with the thrill of bingo.

How it works

  • The Cards: Instead of rows and columns of numbers, each Word Bingo card features a grid filled with random words.
  • The Gameplay: A caller announces words, one at a time, drawn randomly. Players then scan their cards. If the called word appears on their card, they mark it off.
  • The Goal: The first player to complete a specific bingo pattern (a line, a box, a diagonal, etc.) with marked words calls out "Bingo!" and wins the game.

Who can play?

Word Bingo is incredibly versatile, suitable for all ages and settings:

  • For Children: It's an engaging educational tool that helps with vocabulary building, spelling, and even sentence construction.
  • For Adults: It serves as a fun social game, perfect for parties, gatherings, or as a creative, competitive activity.

6 steps to playing word bingo

Word Bingo is a simple, engaging game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Here are the key steps to get started:

1. Gather your materials

Before diving into the fun, ensure you have all the necessary materials. This includes:

  • Word bingo cards: These can be pre-made or created using our bingo card generator.
  • A caller: This person will announce the words during the game.
  • Markers: Players need something to mark off words on their cards, like daubers, pens, or small objects like beans or coins.

2. Customize your bingo cards

One of the great things about Word Bingo is the ability to tailor the game to your audience. This step involves:

  • Selecting words: Choose words based on the age group and interest of the players. For children, simpler words are best, while adults might enjoy more challenging vocabulary.
  • Designing the cards: Use Bingo Card Creator to add a personal touch with custom colors, fonts, and even themes. Our software offers a range of customizable options to make each game unique.

3. Explain the rules

Before starting, make sure all players understand the rules. This includes:

  • How to win: Clarify the winning bingo pattern needed – it could be a straight line, a diagonal, a full house, or any other pattern you decide.
  • Word announcement: Explain how the caller will announce words and how often.
  • Marking off words: Ensure everyone knows how to mark off words on their cards correctly.

4. Start the game

Now comes the fun part – playing the game! This involves:

  • Calling words: The caller randomly selects words and announces them to the players.
  • Marking cards: Players listen and mark off words that appear on their cards.
  • Keeping the pace: The caller should maintain a steady pace to keep the game moving and engaging.

5. Declare a winner

The excitement peaks when someone gets the required pattern. This step includes:

  • Calling 'Bingo': Once a player has marked off the necessary pattern, they shout "Bingo!"
  • Verification: Quickly check the winning card to ensure all the words called are marked correctly.
  • Celebrating the win: Applaud the winner and perhaps offer a small prize or recognition.

6. Play again

The beauty of Word Bingo is that each game is fresh and exciting. After a winner is declared:

  • Reset the cards: Clear the markers from the bingo cards or provide new ones for the next game.
  • Mix up the words: Consider changing the word list for variety, especially if playing multiple rounds. Our Bingo Card Creator software can facilitate this by easily generating new sets of words and printing new cards, making each round as exciting as the last.

Educational benefits

Enhancing vocabulary and spelling

Word Bingo offers an enjoyable and effective way to enhance vocabulary and spelling skills, especially for young learners. Word bingo is one of the best variants for using bingo in the classroom.

By encountering a variety of words during the game, players naturally expand their word knowledge and spelling abilities.

  • For younger players: Use simple, age-appropriate words to aid in early language development.
  • For older players: Include more complex or subject-specific words to challenge and broaden their vocabulary.

Learning in a fun environment

The informal and entertaining setting of Word Bingo helps lower the barriers to learning. It creates a relaxed atmosphere where players are more open to absorbing new information.

  • Interactive learning: The game's interactive nature keeps players engaged and enhances retention of new words.
  • Contextual learning: Using words in a fun context helps in understanding their meanings and usage better.

Playing virtually

With the rise of virtual gatherings, hosting Word Bingo games online has become increasingly popular. Our card creator supports online game hosting, allowing for seamless virtual play for up to 500 players.

  • Easy setup: Organizers can create and distribute digital bingo cards effortlessly.
  • Broad reach: Players from different locations can join, making it ideal for remote teams, family events, or online classrooms.

Example Word Bingo Games

Create word bingo games that complement classroom lessons. For exmaple:

  • Science bingo: For a science class, use terms related to the current topic, like 'photosynthesis' or 'molecules'.
  • Language bingo: Focus on literary terms or words from a book the class is reading.

Top tip: Why not use one of our pre-made educational bingo templates?

Themed party games

Word Bingo can be a hit at themed parties, with cards reflecting the party's theme.

  • Holiday bingo: For a Christmas party, use words like 'snowflake', 'reindeer', or 'Santa'.
  • Movie bingo: Choose words from popular movies or specific genres for a movie-themed party.

Corporate team building

Use Word Bingo as a team-building exercise in corporate settings.

  • Company-specific words: Incorporate industry-related terms or company values.
  • Icebreaker bingo: Use fun and general words to create a relaxed environment for new team members.

Each of these examples can be easily facilitated using the Bingo Card Creator software, which offers the flexibility to create custom word lists, design unique cards, and even host games online, making Word Bingo a versatile and engaging activity for various settings and purposes.


Word bingo is more than just a game; it's a conduit for learning, laughter, and connection. Whether you're an educator, a party planner, or just someone looking for a unique spin on a classic, word bingo offers endless possibilities. So, gather your friends, pick your words, and get ready for a game where every word is a chance to win.

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