The ultimate guide to bingo patterns

Explore the exciting world of bingo patterns! From the classic single line to quirky shapes like diamonds and letters, spice up your bingo nights effortlessly.

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Nov 18, 2023
The ultimate guide to bingo patterns

Welcome to the whimsical world of bingo, where every dab is a step into a kaleidoscope of patterns! From the classic charm of traditional designs to the festive fun of holiday specials, we’re here to jazz up your bingo nights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, our guide is your one-stop shop for all things bingo patterns.

First, feast your eyes on an overview image showcasing some of our most cherished bingo patterns before we embark on a delightful journey through the vibrant lands of bingo. This visual treat sets the stage for the exciting patterns ahead.

Bingo Patterns

Our guide covers everything from festive holiday designs to patterns that will test your mettle. We’ve got it all.

And fear not, bingo novices, for we have an array of straightforward and basic patterns just waiting for you to try. To kickstart your fun, we’re including a set of 3 PDFs: one with letters, another with numbers and some additional letters, and a third featuring shapes – each packed with 25 unique patterns perfect for your games.

Regular/traditional patterns

Step into the comforting embrace of regular and traditional bingo patterns, where familiarity breeds fun! These patterns are the bread and butter of bingo, beloved for their simplicity and the nostalgic vibes they evoke. From the straightforward 'Line' to the ever-satisfying 'Full House', these are the patterns that have stood the test of time. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike, they remind us why we fell in love with bingo in the first place.

1 Line

1 Line Bingo Pattern

The "1 Line" pattern is the bread and butter of bingo, as straightforward as it gets. Players aim to mark a straight line of numbers either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It's a classic, perfect for beginners and a staple in every bingo game. The beauty of this pattern lies in its simplicity, making every round a quick and engaging race to victory.

2 Lines

2 Line Bingo Pattern

"2 Lines" ups the ante by requiring players to form two lines on the same ticket. This pattern is about strategy and anticipation, as the second line adds an exciting layer of complexity. Most commonly used in traditional bingo halls, this pattern has been a fan favorite for decades, embodying the essence of bingo's dynamic nature.

Full House

Full House Bingo Pattern

"Full House" (also known as coverall or blackout bingo) is the showstopper, where players cover every single space on their bingo card. It's the grand finale, often associated with the biggest prize in the game. This pattern is a test of patience and attention, offering a thrilling climax to the bingo experience. Historically, achieving a Full House has been seen as the pinnacle of bingo success.

Four Corners

Four Corners Bingo Pattern

"Four Corners" is all about efficiency and speed. Players focus on marking the four corner numbers of their bingo card. It's a swift and fun pattern, perfect for a quick game. Originating from the classic 75-ball bingo, this pattern offers a unique twist, making it a favorite for players looking for a quick win.

Holiday bingo patterns

Get ready to sprinkle some festive cheer on your bingo cards with our holiday bingo patterns! Whether you’re celebrating the warmth of Christmas with a 'Candy Cane' pattern or hopping into Easter with a 'Bunny' shape, these patterns add a seasonal twist to your bingo game. Each holiday brings its own unique patterns, from Halloween's spooky designs to Valentine's heart-warming arrangements, ensuring your bingo night is always in sync with the spirit of the season.

Bell/Christmas tree

Tree Bingo Pattern

The "Bell" or "Christmas Tree" pattern is a holiday favorite. This pattern, requiring thirteen numbers, brings festive cheer to the bingo hall. It's a seasonal pattern, adding to the special atmosphere of holiday-themed games, reminding us that bingo is not just a game, but a celebration.

Candy cane

Candy Cane Bingo Pattern

Associated with Christmastide, the "Candy Cane" pattern is as sweet as it sounds. This cane-shaped pattern adds a delightful twist to holiday bingo games, making each round a festive experience. It's a reminder of the joy and sweetness bingo brings to every occasion.

Easter bingo patterns

Bunny ears

Bunny Ears Bingo Pattern

Hop into fun with the 'Bunny Ears' pattern, perfect for Easter bingo. This playful design mirrors the perky ears of a bunny, bringing a springtime vibe to your game. As players race to complete the 'ears', the excitement builds, mimicking the lively spirit of Easter.

Easter cross

Easter Cross Bingo Pattern

Reflect on the serene spirit of Easter with the 'Easter Cross' pattern. This pattern holds a special significance during the holiday, symbolizing peace and renewal. Completing this pattern in a game of bingo is not just a path to victory, but also a nod to the profound themes of Easter.

Valentine bingo patterns

Cupid's arrow

Cupids Arrow Bingo Pattern

Let Cupid's Arrow strike your bingo card! This pattern, shaped like the iconic symbol of love, adds an arrow of excitement to your game. Perfect for Valentine's themed games, it’s a charming way to find your ‘bingo match’ with every play.


14 bingo pattern

Celebrate love and affection with the '14th Pattern,' a tribute to Valentine's Day. This pattern captures the essence of February 14th, weaving a tapestry of romance on your bingo card.


Heart bingo pattern

Perfect for Valentine's themed games, it’s a charming way to find your ‘bingo match’ with every play. Ideal for Valentine's Day or any love-themed event, it's a pattern that truly plays from the heart.

Fun and creative patterns

Unleash your playful side with our collection of fun and creative bingo patterns! These are not your average bingo designs – think outside the traditional grid with shapes like 'Clock', 'Turtles', and whimsical 'Windmills'. Perfect for livening up the game and adding an element of surprise, these patterns will have you and your fellow players grinning from ear to ear. Get ready to add a dash of creativity to your next bingo session!

Top Hat

Top Hat Bingo Pattern

The "Top Hat" pattern in bingo adds a dash of sophistication to the game. It is designed to resemble a classic top hat, a symbol of style and elegance. This pattern is typically formed by marking numbers that create a wide brim at the bottom of the card and a rectangular shape above it, mimicking the look of a top hat.


Turtle Bingo Pattern

The "Turtle" pattern in bingo is a delightful and quirky design. It is crafted to look like a turtle, seen from above, with a distinct shell and head. This pattern is a fun and engaging choice, especially popular in family-friendly or children-oriented bingo games.


Clock Bingo Pattern

The "Clock" pattern is recognizable by its circular arrangement, resembling a clock's face. This pattern adds a touch of whimsy to the game, often used in special bingo events. It's a nod to the timeless nature of bingo, where every second counts as you edge closer to completing the pattern. Jazz it up by not just forming the circle, but also adding clock hands like in our example.

Wine glass

Wine Glass Bingo Pattern

Shaped like a wine glass, this pattern is a favorite for its distinct look. Often used in celebratory or themed bingo games, it adds a festive touch. This pattern is a reminder of bingo's social aspect, where players gather not just to play but also to enjoy each other's company.


Bowtie Bingo Pattern

The bowtie design involves filling in specific squares to form a chic bowtie on the bingo card. This pattern is not just about winning; it's about doing it in style. It's a fun twist for themed nights or special events.


Airplane Bingo Pattern

The airplane pattern consists of the middle three squares in column one, all of row three, and all of column four. It's a creative and fun pattern, offering a visual treat as players watch their cards transform into a soaring airplane. This pattern is perfect for themed events or just adding a playful twist to the game.

Basic/simple bingo patterns

Bingo doesn't have to be complicated to be enjoyable, and our Basic/Simple Patterns are proof of that! Ideal for beginners or those who prefer a more straightforward game, these patterns keep things easy yet entertaining.

Equal Sign

Equal Sign Bingo Pattern

Just like the plus sign, the equal sign involves filling rows two and four completely. It's a nod to all the math enthusiasts out there and adds a fun, educational twist to the game.

Plus Sign

Plus sign Bingo Pattern

The plus sign is exactly that - a giant "+" using the middle row and column. It's one of the easier patterns to spot but winning with it is a different story. This pattern adds a straightforward yet fun twist to the game, it's great when playing math bingo.

Inner Frame

Inner Frame Bingo Pattern

The inner frame pattern forms a small square around the centermost square. It's a tight, focused pattern that adds a layer of strategy, as players focus on the heart of their bingo card.


Barbell Hat Bingo Pattern

In this pattern, players fill the middle row and specific squares in the first and fifth columns. It's a tricky pattern to complete but offers a satisfying challenge to seasoned players

Letters and Numbers

Letter/Number Bingo Pattern

Patterns forming letters, numbers, or shapes bring a creative twist to bingo. From forming an 'X' to replicating number '7' (like in the example image), these patterns add a playful element to the game. They're especially popular in themed bingo games, where patterns can align with the theme, like forming a heart on Valentine's Day bingo.

Railroad tracks

Railroad Bingo Pattern

In this pattern, players fill the second and fourth columns completely, creating parallel vertical lines, reminiscent of railroad tracks. This unique layout offers a different strategic challenge and is perfect for adding variety to the game.

Hard bingo patterns

Challenge accepted! Our hard bingo patterns are designed for those who love a good brain teaser. These complex designs require a keen eye and a strategic mind, making your bingo experience thrillingly intense. From intricate shapes to patterns that span the entire card, these are not for the faint-hearted. Are you ready to step up your bingo game and take on these challenging designs?

Outside edge

Outside Edge Bingo Pattern

"Outside Edge" requires marking all the numbers along the perimeter of the card. This pattern is a test of endurance and luck, often resulting in high excitement and suspense. It's particularly popular in 75-ball bingo and offers a unique challenge, as players eagerly wait to fill their card's outer rim.


Ladder Bingo Pattern

The "Ladder" pattern in bingo is a playful and visually engaging design. As the name suggests, it resembles a ladder, typically formed by marking a series of numbers that create vertical and horizontal lines intersecting at different points, much like the rungs and sides of a ladder. This pattern can vary in complexity, from simple three-rung designs to more intricate multi-rung layouts.

Witches hat

Witches Hat Bingo Pattern

The "Witches Hat" is a Halloween staple. Requiring 13 numbers, this pattern adds a spooky element to bingo games. It's a seasonal favorite, bringing a playful and mysterious vibe to the game during the spookiest time of the year.


Arrow Top Left Bingo PatternArrow Bottom Left Bingo PatternArrow Top Right Bingo Pattern

The "Arrow" pattern in bingo brings a dynamic twist to the game. Unique in its versatility, this pattern can be formed in any of the four corners of the bingo card. It's like having four mini-games in one, each corner offering a new direction for the arrow to point.


Windmill Bingo Pattern

The "Windmill" pattern, with its unique layout, is a nod to bingo's versatile nature. Requiring players to mark squares in each corner connected by a middle space, it's a challenging yet rewarding pattern. Often found in 75-ball bingo, the Windmill is a testament to bingo's evolving nature, introducing innovative ways to play.


So go ahead, spice up your bingo game with these patterns. Keep your daubers at the ready and your eyes on the prize. The possibilities are endless, just like the fun. Cheers to your next winning pattern!

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