Amphibians: Grasslands bingo card

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Hop into fun with our amphibian bingo card template, featuring creatures found in grasslands. Customize with your own pictures and words for an exciting game of discovery!
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Amphibians: Grasslands bingo card

Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to amphibians: Grasslands. Here is the complete list:

  • Yucatecan shovel-headed treefrog
  • Water-holding frog
  • Tiger Salamander
  • Riobamba marsupial frog
  • Pointed-tongue floating frog
  • Plain's Spadefoot Toad
  • Patagonia Frog
  • Parsley Frog
  • Paradox Frog
  • Painted reed frog
  • Painted Reed Frog
  • Northern Spadefoot Toad
  • Mocquard's Rain Frog
  • Mesoamerican Burrowing Toad
  • Marine Toad
  • Marbled Snout-burrower
  • Mandarin Salamander
  • Great Crested Newt
  • Gray Four-eyed Frog
  • Fire-bellied toad
  • Budgett's Frog
  • Bubbling Kassina
  • Brown Frog
  • Banded Rubber Frog
  • Asian horned frog
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