Amphibians: Rainforest bingo

Amphibians: Rainforest bingo

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Explore the world of amphibians found in the lush rainforests with this fun and educational bingo card template! Customise it with your own images and vocabulary.


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Items in this card

  • Wilhelm rainforest frog
  • Tusked frog
  • Surinam horned frog
  • South American bullfrog
  • Seychelles frog
  • Ruthven's frog
  • Red caecilian
  • Pyburn's pancake frog
  • Poison dart frog
  • Philippine barbourula
  • Perez's snouted frog
  • Marbled caecilian
  • Long-fingered slender toad
  • La Palma glass frog
  • Kirk's caecilian
  • Hourglass treefrog
  • Hip pocket frog
  • Golden toad
  • Golden dart-poison frog
  • Gold-striped frog
  • Free Madagascar frog
  • Eungella torrent frog
  • Blue-toed rocket frog
  • Amazonian skittering frog
  • African wart frog

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