Be kind bingo card

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Spread positivity with our "Be Kind" bingo card template! Encourage kindness and empathy with customizable words and images. Perfect for classroom or team-building activities.
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Be kind bingo card

Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 30 items related to be kind. Here is the complete list:

  • "Write a note to your teaching telling them what you like most about being
  • in their class."
  • "Write a note to your parent telling them something you appreciate that
  • they do for you."
  • Pick a piece of litter in the morning and in the evening.
  • Compliment a classmate.
  • Write a letter to a custodian to say thank you.
  • Read a book to a younger student/sibling.
  • Write a poem about a person who's important to you and give it to them.
  • Learn 5 new things about a classmate.
  • "Draw a picture or complete an art project and send it to a local
  • retirement home."
  • Sit next to a new person at lunch who you do not know very well.
  • Write a thank you note to cafeteria workers.
  • "Use your ice cream money to buy ice cream for a classmate who is having a
  • bad day."
  • "Find a quote about friendship in a book. Write it down and give it to
  • someone."
  • Hold the door open for someone else.
  • Find a charity that interests you. Donate time or money.
  • Smile at everyone you walk past all day.
  • Let somebody go in front of you in line.
  • Write a thank you note to one of the school office staff.
  • Ask somebody new to play with you at recess.
  • Learn about a tradition from another country.
  • Ask a classmate if he or she needs help.
  • Make a card for your principal telling what you love about your school.
  • Make friends with a younger student.
  • Offer to share something without being asked.
  • Make a card for the bus driver, security guard, or school nurse.
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