Birthday photo challenge bingo

Birthday photo challenge bingo

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Snap, click, capture! Each photo challenge fills a square. Document laughs, surprises, and candid moments. Who’ll snap their way to a bingo win first?

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Items in this card

  • Photo with the birthday person
  • Group selfie
  • Someone laughing
  • Picture with the oldest attendee
  • Picture with the youngest attendee
  • Photo of a birthday toast
  • Snap of someone dancing
  • Picture with someone wearing glasses
  • Photo bombing a picture
  • Snap of a high five
  • Photo of people clinking glasses
  • Picture of the birthday cake before it's cut
  • Selfie with a pet or animal at the party
  • Photo of a gift being opened
  • Picture of someone taking a selfie
  • Snap of a decorative item
  • Photo of a couple at the party
  • Snap of someone wearing a party hat
  • Photo with someone new you met at the party
  • Picture of the food spread
  • Photo of a child at the party playing
  • Picture with someone from a different generation
  • Snapshot of a themed decoration or outfit
  • Photo of someone telling a story or joke
  • Capture a candid moment of relaxation

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