Birthday scavenger hunt bingo

Birthday scavenger hunt bingo

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Embark on a treasure hunt around the party! Find items, snap pictures, and complete tasks. First to bingo wins a prize. Let the adventure begin!

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Items in this card

  • Find a birthday card in the store with the same age as the birthday person
  • Take a photo with a birthday balloon
  • Collect a free birthday treat from a local business
  • Get a stranger to donate a coin for birthday luck
  • Snap a picture at a local landmark
  • Gather three different party hats
  • Find something the same color as the birthday person’s eyes
  • Obtain a signature from someone born in the same month as the birthday person
  • Record a birthday message from a stranger
  • Take a selfie with someone who has the same first initial as the birthday person
  • Find a gift item that starts with the first letter of the birthday person's name
  • Locate a party invitation
  • Capture a photo of a street performer
  • Get a promotional flyer or coupon
  • Snap a picture with an animal
  • Find a historical date marker or plaque
  • Collect a funny joke from someone you don’t know
  • Retrieve a party favor
  • Take a photo of a unique vehicle
  • Find someone who can play a birthday song on an instrument
  • Collect a birthday-themed comic strip
  • Get a business card from a place the birthday person loves
  • Find an item the birthday person needs for their hobby
  • Take a picture with a local sports team’s merchandise
  • Gather a piece of local artwork
  • Snap a photo in a photo booth
  • Collect a receipt with a total ending in the birthday person's age
  • Get a plant or flower that represents the month of the birthday person
  • Find a book published the year the birthday person was born
  • Locate a public display of affection

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