Catholic prayers and devotions bingo card

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Deepen your spiritual connection with Bingo Card Creator's Catholic prayers and devotions bingo cards. Ideal for church groups, Sunday schools, and individuals seeking inspiration. Customize and print now.
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Catholic prayers and devotions bingo card

Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to catholic prayers and devotions. Here is the complete list:

  • Hail Mary
  • Sign of the Cross
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • The Act of Contrition
  • The Apostle's Creed
  • Glory Be
  • Grace Before Meals
  • Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
  • 23rd Psalm
  • Safely Home
  • Serenity Prayer
  • An Irish Blessing
  • The Rosary
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Our Lady of Fatima
  • Nicene Creed
  • Guardian Angel Prayer
  • Family Prayer
  • Healing Prayer
  • Footprints
  • Motherhood
  • Morning Offering
  • Evening Prayer
  • Anima Christi.
  • Prayer to Saint Joseph
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